Friday, March 02, 2007

We know more...

...about where the peso stops in the Ramos/Compean case.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, el Presidente Jorge Bush's numero uno "lawman," gave an interview to a local radio reporter -- which has now made it to CNN, courtesy of that network's one courageous reporter, Lou Dobbs.

Gonzales, while standing with another notorious open-borders fanatic, L.A. mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, said he "fully supports" federal persecutor Johnny Sutton, falsifier/withholder of evidence and perjurer. After all, Sutton was a big buddy of his back when the two of them were helping then-gobernador Bush with his attempts to make Texas part of Mexico.

Of course Gonzales "supports the Border Patrol." Just not Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, who dared to actually stop an illegal-alien serial drug smuggler and were subsequently railroaded for doing their job.

Who Gonzales really supports is the lying druggie who was given all sorts of inducements (with more to come when his $5 million lawsuit against the USA comes up for trial, no doubt) to lie on the witness stand for Debra Kanof, Sutton's co-conspirator.

Gonzales would not address the ever-mounting pile of evidence showing that Bush's government was willing to do -- and did -- anything to make the Mexican government happy. He simply supports good ol' Johnny, Bush's loyal lapdog.

None of these people work for us. They are all in the clutches of the corrupt cartels down south.

Today, a petition to remove Johnny Sutton from his job appeared at, an offshoot of, which gathered more than 300,000 signatures to demand a pardon for Ramos and Compean.

It does not go far enough. Gonzales needs to go, too.

And the individual who put Gonzales and Sutton in their jobs?

He needs to go, too.

In fact, unless all those who have nothing but contempt for American citizens, our laws and our lives -- a bipartisan group that seems to comprise about 455 Senators and members of Congress, plus hundreds in el presidente's posse -- lose their positions of power in our government soon, the chances of there being a sovereign United States in another 20 years or less are virtually nil.

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