Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I don't understand...

...one whole heck of a lot of things.

I don't understand why people I care for, who are kind, creative and good, aren't happy with their lives, aren't getting the love, recognition and appreciation they so deserve.

I don't understand why people who are selfish, manipulative and basically amoral seem to have vast cheering sections who will forgive them anything.

I don't understand how my life jumped the rails, how I turned my back on what was good and pursued dreams that turned out to be nightmares.

I don't understand partisan politics.

I don't understand why I fear tomorrow.

No, I take that last one back. I do understand why I fear tomorrow: I fear it because it will be no different from today.

But I do not understand why I was given the ability to see what is good and beautiful and right, but am not able to be a part of it, am not able to contribute to it.

Something is very wrong with this picture.


betty said...

All very good questions. I wonder the same thing sometimes. :(

Anonymous said...

You are a part of what is good in my life. I have never known you to babble incoherently!

MrScribbler said...

lz -- Thank you. I hold on to thoughts like yours....

Aangel3234 said...

hmmmm, i'm not familiar with this format for commentation! anywho... I work with people that bring out the complete badness in me at times. i fear i won't change either.

John said...

I gave up wondering, or tried to. I don't get it either.

lowandslow said...

I've seen people who I didn't respect get all the wealth and adulation while I was struggling to just survive. Over time "those people" were unmasked for the frauds they were. Likewise you are a good, honest, caring person who will get your just reward someday, Scribbs, while those you "don't understand" today will self-destruct. Mark my words.

Birdie said...

I'm with lowandslow...

and I don't understand why someone with your writing talents doesn't get more of the recognition you deserve .... AND the proper treatment (=payment)


KauaiFinn said...

I think the same thoughts ALLLLL THE TIME.

Life is not fair.

Was it intended to be?

Maybe it's a bad joke.

Either way: We're stuck in this twisted reality - and we need to make the best of it somehow.

The fact that you are able to recognize the backwards state of things makes you a gem in my eyes.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I wonder this too.... Oh well. Damn I am in a strange mood tonight. Sorry.