Thursday, March 15, 2007

Almost two months have passed...

...since Jorge Bush's goons sent Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean to prison for doing their jobs.

Ramos is held in isolation because the prison can't protect him from the assaults of illegal-alien prisoners. He spends 23 hours a day in his cell, and one hour in a small sunless walled-in area. He is not allowed to have any pictures of his family.

In the meantime, Jorge Bush trots down to Guatemala and Mexico, kissing corrupt asses and promising to send money and throw the borders wide open.

Congress, indulging in its usual self-absorbed stupidity, is howling because Bush fired some U.S. Attorneys, as he -- and every other president -- is legally allowed to do. Johnny Sutton, the criminal who persecuted Ramos and Compean and at least one other agent, and is apparently a guiding force behind the effort to railroad deputy Sheriff Gilmer Hernandez, too, was not one of them. After all, Sutton is doing his master's bidding very well.

There will be hearings in the House of Representative, thanks to Dana Rohrbacher (R-CA). Of course no date for the hearings has been set, because the Democrats are too busy looking for any pathetic, trivial political excuse they can find to humiliate and neutralize Bush.

They won't go after him for his championing the rights of illegals and sending ever-increasing amounts of aid to the corrupt regimes south of the border, won't take him to task for punishing Americans for upholding the laws while ignoring the acts of an illegal-alien drug smuggler, because they agree with those foul acts.

As horrified as I am at the cesspool that Washington has become, I am even more dismayed that the public outcry against Bush and Congress has not been stronger.

We should be demanding that an impenetrable wall be built along our border with Mexico. And we should be demanding that, when it is completed, Bush -- and the late Ted Kennedy, John McCain and all the other politcos who are willfully ignoring the laws they swore to uphold -- are on the other side, where they belong.

What's going on comes perilously close to treason. If we accept it in silence, we will have no one to blame but ourselves when the United States ceases to exist.


Anonymous said...

I think its a shame what's happened to our borders,
and our laws-
they've both become jokes...

HarpO'Fly said...

The extent of what has been done in Washington crossed the line of treason long ago. Before Bush, I'd venture to say.
In one way it is really crushing to see this process, that started before I was born, snowball as it has.
In another it is encouraging to find that there are a lot of people expressing outrage. More than ever before.
Only rarely did anyone call the UN for what it is twenty years ago. Now many see it for the corrupt money laundering crime syndicate that it is.
How Bush and others can have so little regard for the horrors of prison visited on the innocent is beyond shocking.


It IS treason. How else do you describe a president that is willfully weakening our Border Patrol at the request of the Mexican government? I'm all for impeaching Bush and I have worse things to say about that rat Johnny Sutton, but I'll keep this civil and shut up now.

MrScribbler said...

Impeaching Jorge Bush won't get the job done, unless we get rid of another 500 or so of those in D.C. who support this insanity.

When the Democrats don't immediately leap to the defense of American citizens, you know they're right with him on this issue.

They all need to be removed from power.