Thursday, March 01, 2007

Enough to make you hurl... what this morning's breakfast turned out to be.

A colleague and I went to a restaurant. A cheap one; we are both waiting for checks from the same clients.

I barely made it home, and within an hour was spending far too much time either staring at porcelain or the ceiling above my bed. And it's not over yet.

Hard to say whether something was wrong with the meal -- which did not contain any peanut butter -- or stress has finally caught up to me in a major way.

That is the whole story of my day so far. The mail hasn't arrived, and the phone hasn't rung. The only emails have been the usual stack of "Fw: Fwd: Fw:" crap from an idiot who spends far too much time spreading all the crap people with more time than brains crank out to amuse themselves.

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lowandslow said...

Yuck! Hope you feel better soon. Better yet, I hope the mail brings a fat check. I'm sure THAT would make you feel better! :)