Friday, March 09, 2007

So far, so good...

...even though the vet isn't ready to release Hobbes yet, and may not until tomorrow.

I was told he is doing better, ate this morning and seems more energetic. But they are continuing with testing, because they feel he has (in addition to his digestive system issues) some kind of infection and might even be diabetic.

The bill for all this is going to be a real crusher. But I will find the money for it somehow. I can do no less for him.

I barely slept last night.

Next challenge: getting some work done while I wait for more news. The only thing that helps in this regard is knowing that I need the money -- pronto -- to get Hobbes back home.


HarpO'Fly said...

I hope he's not diabetic, but it's good that he'll be able to come home.

susananne said...

oh i hope you get him home tomorrow, will pray you get the funds too Mr Scribs.

lowandslow said...

Great news, Scribbs! Sell blood if you have to, or better yet, sell your neighbor's patio furniture. You gotta take care of Hobbs. :)

Justfly said...

awwww...I hope Hobbes feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

My goodness I floated away making a dress for Olivia and here it is, Hobbes is ill..
It sounds like he will be ok...thank goodness.
I guess in a way I am always sort of praying for Hobbes because he means so much to you. But I will be more focused now!