Sunday, March 25, 2007

Connecting the dots.

I've never been a big fan of conspiracy theories, primarily because those who tout them most aggressively seem to be members of the tinfoil-hat brigade or have other agendas I can't buy into.

But I've been reading a lot of material about the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, and am not liking what I read. The list of proponents -- people like Jorge Bush, the president of Mexico and a cadre of corrupt loons in the USA, Canada and Mexico -- make the idea suspect enough to warrant adding this to the ever-growing list of criminal indictments of our so-called "leaders."

The SPP's detractors claim that the ultimate goal is to merge the USA, Canada and Mexico into a single unit, with a single currency, single external border and a mishmash of laws drawn from all three nations applying to all. They claim that it is primarily designed to make Mexico "equal" to the other two by funneling jobs and money there and by giving Mexicans free access to our jobs and resources.

I think they're right.

Follow a little conspiratorial trail here with me:

-- Jorge Bush orders that American citizens be jailed for upholding our laws (e.g. Jose Compean, Ignacio Ramos, Gilmer Hernandez) while applying a "five-strikes" rule to illegals;

-- Jorge Bush pushes for opening the borders;

-- Jorge Bush orders free access to our roads for Mexican trucks;

-- A "NAFTA Superhighway" is being planned to link Mexican ports with the rest of the continent, bypassing American ports and providing work for Mexicans at the expense of Americans;

-- Despite the Democrats' primal need to rage at Bush for any trivial misstep (as well as some major screwups), they remain completely silent on these issues.

In fact, Democrats are a big part of the coalition that wants to grant amnesty to all 20-plus million illegals in the country now and add a "guest-worker" program on top of this that, between "workers" and their families, will add a million or more poorly-educated, poverty-stricken migrants to our population each year. Many Democrats are major supports of SPP, just like many Republicans.

In the meantime, all those who have followed the rules and want to come here legally -- and who, in many cases, have education and job skills -- are S.O.L. They can wait....

Where do these actions lead? To SPP.

Interestingly, while you might think our Constitution mandates Congressional action, if not Constitutional amendments, to sell out the country, implementation is being done without any public notice, without laws being passed. The politicos have learned that they can do what they want, and by the time anyone gets around to challenging them, the deed will be done. The "comprehensive immigration reform" proposals are meant to speed up the process of integration.

I tend to believe that a major motivation for becoming a politician (along with greed) is a need to impose change on people who don't want or need it, to build new power structures from which control can be enforced. Along with this comes a need to play Robin Hood, taking from the rich (well, some of them; cronies and campaign contributors are exempt) and give to the poor, while simultaneously enriching those who belong to the corrupt inner circle of "leaders."

The Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations and Club for Growth (among other groups) are filled with people who have Big Ideas about building One World. Which they, of course, would dominate. They look at the European Union -- and, for all I know, the old Soviet Union -- as a model for the future.

PARENTHETICAL THOUGHT: I have known a few committed Communists, who did what they could (which wasn't much) to lead the USA down their path. Amazingly, none of them saw themselves as factory workers or tractor drivers if their dreams came to pass. Nope; they'd be the ones in charge. So much for "egalitarian" political movements....

Fortunately, not all of our elected officials are as blinded by greed and ambition as Jorge Bush and his handpicked sellouts, Pelosi, Kennedy and the rest of the traitors in Washington who support the North American Union concept. Sixteen members of the House of Representatives -- including the sanest man in Washington, Dr. Ron Paul, have introduced a bill aimed at killing off SPP.

Read about it here.

Nancy Pelosi will surely do her damndest to sweep this under the rug as she works to extend her power to the entire continent and keep her fatcat limousine-liberal supporters happy.

The worst aspect of all this is not the sight of corrupt politicians from three countries banding together to enrich themselves and their friends at the expense of hardworking citizens. We've seen that often enough.

No, the worst part is that they believe in this nutcase notion that we will somehow be better off if we give up sovereignty and funnel our wealth to Mexico.

No one whose mind is so twisted should be allowed to hold political office.

It's time for mass impeachments in Washington (and maybe Ottawa) and mass resistance to SPP and all who support it.

Unless, that is, you like the idea of sacrificing your rights, jobs and possessions to foreigners whom your political "leaders" consider more deserving than you.


HarpO'Fly said...

It is hard to understand that mentality. I remember when NAFTA went through, and those who favor free economy actually thought it was a simple free trade agreement. Free trade agreements don't spell out specific companies, factories and locations. Or cover 500 pages or so.

HarpO'Fly said...

It may well be, that while Canadians think all the wacko stuff is confined south of their border, they are being sold out as well.

Randy said...

Americans have been selling off American jobs for years. And there isn't an end to it yet. And while I'd like to see Mexico and Mexicans have a decent life, I don't want to _give_ them mine. I'd rather help them help themselves. But There are many forces giving our sovereignty away.

Trust me, as a truck driver, I'd rather not see a bunch of people that can't read the road signs or speak the language. But this erosion has been happening for many years. Sorry to say. NAFTA was just the tip of the iceberg.

MrScribbler said...

harpo'fly -- I tend to think Canadians, like Americans, need to develop more mistrust of the people in their government and do something about it.

randy -- when a country is run by corrupt leaders, you can send all the financial aid (or any other kind of aid) you want and not much will reach the people it's meant to help. That's a major reason Mexicans are coming over the border in such incredible numbers right now.

Let Mexico clean up its own act, and then we can look at other ways of helping.