Thursday, March 29, 2007

Back to normal... "Lucy" and "Girl's" primary feeder and affection-giver is back home.

Now it's just us two elderly males.

I must say the two kitties were happy to see me when I went over to return H.'s keys. They should have been; I cheated and gave them more treats than they're used to getting. I hoped H., who is a bit new-age-y and gives them only "natural" food and filtered water, wouldn't notice. She didn't.

I'm a bit depressed. Taking care of the "girls" was the most fun I've had this week.


Anonymous said...

There will be more Lucy's and Girls in your future.


joan said...

Lucky kitties. You spoiled them.

A neighbour cat keeps trying to sneak in my cat door and causes a huge commotion of barking and hissing from the home girls.