Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Captain America, R.I.P.

So Marvel comics is killing off Captain America, or at least his mild alter-ego....

It's about damn time, if you ask me.

None of the great comic-book heroes of the past -- Superman, Steve Canyon, the original Captain America -- would have tolerated what America has become.

They would not have "celebrated diversity," or insisted that the terrorists held at Gitmo should be transferred to the States so the lefties could work for their release. They would not have suffered angst when they fought the Main Enemy. They would not have helped those poor illegal aliens cross the border to a Better Life.

Hell, no.

They saw things strictly in terms of Bad -- which was anyone who attacked this nation or tired to hurt people here -- and Good -- the United States.

Their time is past.

The original Captain America would have stomped the bejeebers out of Fidel Castro, Osama Bin Laden and any other misguided fool who dissed America.

Superman, as originally constituted, suffered no angst when he defended "truth, justice and the American Way." Batman fought crime with nary a care for the "rights" of criminals.

Any one of them would have kicked the **** out of Teddy Kennedy or Nancy Pelosi. Heck, they would have stomped Jorge Bush, too.

But we are past them. We care. We feel guilt because we are Americans, and are supposed to want to give all our "ill-gotten" gains to others. We are supposed to feel shame because we built a nation on the principles of freedom and haven't taken care of everyone else on the planet. We are supposed to understand those who want to destroy us.

There is no place in today's environment for superheroes. Or, for that matter, any heroes.

The writers of comic books figured this out. They added sensitivity to their characters, brought superheroes down to a level that even the hacky-sack generation can understand.

With that in mind, I'm happy to see Captain America go. The America he represented is long-gone. Why make the poor bastard fight for something that no longer exists?


Justfly said...

As long as they leave my Super Hero, "Underdog" alone I am fine :)
Once they touch him, there is going to be trouble!

Anonymous said...

tis a sad state of affairs, no doubt...

DAL said...

I never read Captain America. I was too young to have the money to buy comics, and when I was old enough and had the money, I wasn't interested in them.

I read the hell out of my brother's Batman comics, though.