Monday, March 12, 2007

It's about damn time!

Forget about Obama, Clinton, Edwards, McCain, Giuliani and the rest of the political-hack, say-anything-to-win doctrinaire sellout greedheads who are trying to sucker gullible Americans into electing them president so they can continue to fatten themselves at the public trough and impose a bunch of spurious regulations on the rest of us.

Ron Paul has announced that he is running for president.

I grant you so-called "conventional wisdom" suggests that a relatively obscure Texas Congressman has about as much chance of winning as Ted Kennedy has of staying sober for more than, say, six hours at a time.

But considering the horrible condition of our nation, perhaps it's time for us to turn "conventional wisdom" on its ear.

Before you dismiss the idea, go to Paul's website (linked above) and click on the links where he states his opinions on critical issues. The man speaks clearly and, most important of all, sensibly about things the Washington establishment can't bring itself to confront in any coherent way, even though our nation faces disaster as a result.

I also suspect that Dr Paul will not go to Alabama and try to transform himself into an African-American preacher (as shameless Hillary Clinton did), or engage in the normal pandering, mindless generalities, overworked cliches and nasty snipes at his opponents that we will inevitably hear from all the "major" candidates.

The man makes sense. And from all I have read, he is as honorable a man as his campaign would like you to think he is.

Honor? In Washington?

That could start a new trend, one the Pelosis, Kennedys, Kerrys, Jeffersons and their ilk could not survive.

For that reason alone, the man deserves to win.

If there are enough intelligent people left in this country, he has a damn good chance.


lowandslow said...

Problem is most people just blindly lap up whatever they're spoon fed. The pols promise us whatever we want to hear, then blame the other party when they can't deliver. People hear what they WANT to hear, not what they NEED to hear.

HarpO'Fly said...

He's probably the very best member of Congress, and maybe the only elected official even slightly concerned with freedom and a sane government.

If you, Aaron Russo , and I support him, and obviously someone in Texas does, then what's to say he won't have some influence?

Best news I've heard in some time.

betty said...

I kind of like Fred Thompson..he's good on Law and Order..