Friday, March 09, 2007

Talked to the vet...

...and Hobbes won't be coming home until tomorrow.

The bad news: he has an infection.

The good news: They are treating him for it and it won't cause any problems.

The better news: No diabetes. Moreover, some of the odd blood indicators were -- as I really wanted to hope -- a result of his condition when I took him in, and now that he is eating/drinking/cleaned out again a second series of tests produced quite normal results.

Everyone at the veterinary clinic loves him, naturally. He has all the charm for females that I don't.

Oddly, the vet asked me to confirm his age. He estimated (by appearance and, I guess, heart rate and other signs) that Hobbes was 12-15 and wanted to change the chart if I wasn't certain. I take that as a hopeful sign, too.

Tomorrow could be a very nice day. Keep the good wishes for my friend coming, please.


lowandslow said...

Best wishes for you and friend.

Anonymous said...

I do hope he gets better. We took Sassy to have her shots yesterday. It must have been the time to do something for our friends.

Sunny said...

Hobbes! I was trying to remember what your cat's name is!

Awww, sorry he's so sick, but glad he will be ok and can come home tomorrow!

Sending best get well wishes for Hobbes, and Peace to you. {{hugs}}

HarpO'Fly said...

That's good news, can't ask for much better.