Thursday, March 22, 2007

Too angry to write...

...and the reasons have to do with numbers:

-- 65. That's the number of days Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean have been in jail for the heinous crime of enforcing our country's laws;

-- 20,801,119. That's the number of illegal aliens residing in this country right now according to this site, which bases its data on verifiable statistics;

-- 455. That's the approximate number of Senators and Representatives who are, even now, pushing their pathetic pro-illegal-alien, pro-open-borders agenda. A new amnesty bill was offered up in the House today that will ensure all the 20,000,000-plus a free pass and a "path to citizenship"...all you need to know is that the late Ted Kennedy, head of the illegal-alien cheering section, approves of it;

-- 400,000. That's the number of additional foreign "guest workers" who will be permitted into the country each year -- along with their families -- under terms of this traitorous legislation.

-- too high to put a number on. That's the cost to American citizens and legal residents in increased taxes and crime, lower wages and lost jobs.

You can thank Reps. Jeff Flake and Luis Gutierrez for this latest piece of infamy. But they alone are not to blame; a long line of co-conspirators, from Nancy Pelosi to Jorge Bush are pushing this as hard as they can under orders from their corrupt masters in Mexico City and corporate greedheads looking for slave labor.

I hope Americans wake up before it's too late and let the "servants of the people" know that rewarding illegal behavior, punishing Americans for upholding the law and turning our nation over to an endless flood of new immigrants (while those who have taken the legal path to citizenship wait and wait) is not only unacceptable and intolerable, but clear grounds for impeachment of all involved.

Just as illegals don't deserve amnesty for unlawful acts, neither do the scum in Washington.


Sally said...

Heck, where are your pics??? :) I don't know much about the illegal stuff, but I hope you're having a good night, Scribbs! (((hugs)))

John said...

What a fine piece. Mastefully crafted.

To know of cases like Ramos, et al,in which the corrupt dishonest behavior of the justice dpartment is too solid to hide, yet see the total disregard for their families and their lives by much of the public and all branches of government, is extremely disturbing. And puzzling. Why does the public allow this? If we are under an oligarchy or dictatorship, appropriate measures ought to be taken.

BingoPajama said...

And then what do we do? Protest? It seems liek we are all powerless.

MrScribbler said...

MsPajama -- Individually, we have little power but en masse as voters we have what the Washington goon squad wants even more than money: votes. said...

I left a reply comment in another entry below, but there is something else I would like to add.

I have travelled Mexico extensively, I've been in most major cities but mostly remote towns all over that country. One particular "highway" is called - whatever they call it with the number 15 attached to it.

Along this highway, the Mexican government tried a futile approach to their trucking problem - which is junk trucks grossly overloaded and a huge menace to the motoring public. They opened up weigh/inspection stations. When I went along that highway, those stations had all been closed down and the "buildings" had been sitting there, ransacked and in ruins, for quite some time.

It seems the Mexican truckers would simply blow by those weigh stations and ignore them altogether.

My question is, what, if anything, is going to happen when they try THAT - HERE? In the real world, any truck in America attempting to blow a weigh station is chased down by State Troopers (or equivalent), and they pretty much get themselves into deep trouble.

What is going to happen when they try to drive down our roads 20 plus thousand pounds overloaded? On junk tires? With air systems that have more leaks than corrugated pipe for a leach field? I've seen such nasty, trashy trucks driving around down there, in Mexico, perfectly legal. They don't GET into trouble.

Are we going to tolerate that junk here? And, like I said in that other reply, what kind of public outcry is going to ensue when these trucks/drivers start killing Americans in fatal traffic accidents?

These people don't know how to drive on our roads, either. Just watch an illegal alien. They drive in the high speed lanes going 50 mph. They do things "their" way on our roads and couldn't care less about our laws or our ways of doing things. I see them getting pulled over all the time, and I see Highway Patrol having them in handcuffs frequently. For what, I don't know, but it doesn't look good for our roadways.

In fact, it looks quite horrendous. Besides the loss of jobs and work, and your statements about the amounts of pollutants dumped into the air in California alone, the worst part of all of this, in my view, is going to be the safety of the American Motoring Public.

I HOPE the Feds/DOT hands are NOT tied in enforcing existing, very stringent, rules/regulations/laws about the condition a truck is in in regards to putting them out of service.

But, if they are, how much resources are they going to have to consume of man hours and availibility just to take care of this problem that we DON'T HAVE TO HAVE!!!

MrScribbler said...

Ben -- I agree safety is going to be the biggest problem when the Mexican trucks start rolling in. But I suspect Jorge and his amigos will try to ignore the inevitable accidents because we're giving the Mexicans an "opportunity."

I don't want to be on the same road with them, for sure. I've done that in Mexico, and am no longer as daring.

betty said...

Just checking to see if you've updated. Are you all right??

As for this situation, you should get in a conversation with Paul about it. He gets soooooo mad about it! It's shameful.