Friday, March 09, 2007

51 days...

...of imprisonment for Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean.

In the meantime, the illegal-alien drug smuggler is free and no doubt is pursuing his $5 million lawsuit against the USA for "violating his civil rights."

While every Democrat, liberal and bleeding-heart in the known universe is howling about the "outrages" committed against terrorists held at Guantanmo Bay, Ramos, whose "crime" was enforcing our laws against the express wishes of el prsidente, Jorge Bush, is locked in his cell for 23 hours a day because the prison can't protect him from the illegal alien druggies who have already assaulted him there, does not receive his mail (the prison said he's getting "too much"), was refused a Bible -- the Gitmo prisoners have Korans, by the way -- and is restricted to one 15-minute phone call and one family visit per month.

This is the fate those who oppose the disgusting open-borders policy of the government can expect to face.

Where is Johnny Sutton, who tampered with/withheld evidence and lied to secure a conviction of Ramos and Compean? Where are Alberto Gonzales and Michael Chertoff, who participated in the conspiracy against the agents?

They're all free, fat and happy and doing their disgusting "jobs."

One thousand "public-spirited, high-minded lawyers have volunteered to represent the terrorists at Gitmo, whose goal was to destroy this country. How many have volunteered to help Ramos and Compean? Zero.

We all know where Jorge Bush is tonight. He's on his way to Mexico. He will, no doubt, receive a hero's welcome.

As far as I'm concerned, he should stay there. Mexicans, and not the American citizens who were foolish enough to elect him -- God help me, I was one of them, thanks to the pathetic excuses for candidates the Democrats fielded -- are his true constituency.

And 475 or so open-border-loving, spineless, crooked, traitorous members of the Senate and House of Representatives should join him there.

This is a national disgrace.

It is beyond a national disgrace. It is irrefutable proof that Bush and Congress will sell us out (and destroy anyone who chooses to uphold our laws) in pursuit of their ultimate goal, which is to hand the USA over to the pro-slavery corporations and corrupt Mexican politicians for whatever personal gain they have been offered.

If we citizens don't act to protect our country, we will lose it. Sadly, those who are sworn to serve us are the Quislings who will do the most to hand it over to outsiders.

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HarpO'Fly said...

What to do?
Letters and phone calls and emails to mislabeled "represetntatives mean nothing. People should refuse to vote for the Bushes, or the Kerys Clintons, etc. No vote is better than the same thing. Of course I think massive refusal to fund and cooperate with these thugs is all that's left. It won't happen