Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Rough day coming tomorrow...

...and I'm not looking forward to it.

I have two rather daunting tasks ahead, and I'm not looking forward to either.

The first is to deal with a client I may lose. I have written a monthly column for them for two years, and have never had a problem with either payment or displays of approval on their part.

But they have recently hired a new editor, and she seems either completely disorganized or, for some reaosn I can't fathom, wants to move me out. I haven't gotten a check from them in two months, and communications have been sporadic.

Moreover, the sum they pay was laughable in the beginning, is pathetic now.

Tomorrow, there will be communication, believe me. While the articles I write require little effort as a rule, they are still the product of my skill and experience, and I would like that respected.

I do have a suggestion about the price of my column, too, one that the publisher (who likes my work, and seems a good guy) might actually go for.

Besides, I need the money.

And I will be having lunch with someone who works for my largest client. He is, in fact, my "rabbi" -- if you don't know the term, which seems to have originated in New York City many years ago, it means someone who looks out for your interests within an organization -- there, but his recent duties have prevented him from dealing with me personally.

The subject of our lunchtime talk? Certain people at his company -- they publish several magazines, three of which I write for -- have been less than straight-up with me of late, and my supply of assignments has more-or-less dried up. I can't get phone calls returned, and have not been paid for some recent work.

Freelancing is a glamourous life, no?

All can be straightened out, but these are the kinds of situations I'm not adept at dealing with, having never learned the sort of diplomacy, double-talk and outright b.s.-slinging successful practioners do so well.

What I'm good at is doing the work, not soothing ruffled feathers, bandaging wounded egos or playing salesman. These parts of the game are torture for me.

But I'm hoping to end the day with a pile of new work, and more secure relationships with both clients.

There's also a good possibility that I'll end up minus two good sources of income.

One of the wonderful friends referred to in an earlier post has suggested that the three of us should grab our bindles and hop a frieght train in search of new adventures.

All I can say is: "ask me tomorrow night!"


Anonymous said...

I hope all works out for you. Hopping a frieght train sounds interesting.

HarpO'Fly said...

I think it would be better to just borrow the train. That way we can go as fast as wee want and stop whenever we cchoose. They'll never know it's gone. I got a freight yard nearby just ripe for the picking.
Good luck with the meetings

MB said...

Good luck -

I'm sorry to hear things have been going so poorly with your columns.

Here's to your Gin, and your better fortune!


susananne said...

Hope it all goes well today for you and that you still get to keep the jobs and the clients but on your terms. Will be praying.

BDraggs said...

It's unfortunate, but the world seems to expect more than just talent and good work - it DOES expect you to grease the wheels, be the gladman, make the show that is, ultimately, meaningless, but expected just the same.

So much for being who you are, eh?

I hear the trains that run past here all the time.....wishful, wistful thinking.....