Thursday, May 25, 2006

It's 5:30... the morning. I've been awake since 4:15.

The phone rang at 4:15. It's not easy to be pleasant when someone drags you from sleep at that hour. That's the time when emergency calls come in, when disaster has struck and you have to deal with whatever crisis is at hand while the brain is in a sleep-induced fog. Makes the heart race.

I would have managed a nicer response if it had been the call I wanted to get, need to get, from the one person who is welcome to call any day, any hour, but hasn't called. Yet.

Instead, it was my two friends who have been in Europe for the past three weeks. They need someone to pick them up at the airport. Tonight. Thirteen hours from now. They're not real swell about figuring out the time difference between Milan and Los Angeles.

It was especially irritating because they were calling from a car, and the background noise made it impossible to hear them. Hope my shouting didn't wake any neighbors.

I was having a nice dream that was shattered by the ringing of the phone, and that made me even more angry. These days, dreams are just about the only places where I get any pleasure.

I guess I'll be taking a nap this afternoon. Can't go back to sleep now.

And yes, I will pick them up tonight. My temper -- and pulse rate -- may even be back to normal by then.

Coffee. Must have coffee.


Birdie said...

ah, those time zone differences.... I know them well! *wink*

Wizardress said...

Gotta love those time differences!

Maybe you should tell your friends that they owe you dinner from awakening you from a beautiful dream at an ungodly hour!

BDraggs said...

Yes, Wiz is right - slap them with guilt and reap the rewards!!!!

I think it speaks well of you that your friends know they can wake you at ungodly hours to help them with a problem and that you don't hold it against them.

Lola said...

lol, kind of reminds me of college friends... in college.

gillardia said...

That sucks Scribby. I'd be unhappy too. I hate when I am woken from a particularly good dream.