Saturday, May 20, 2006

Ain't technology wonderful!

Just for laughs, I thought I'd check on the progress of my new lenses -- and adapter rings, of course -- from manufacturer's warehouse to me.

Went to the website, made my way -- with difficulty, since it's not well laid out -- to the "my account" page, clicked on "past orders" and found the shipping numbers. Clicking on them was not reassuring.

The lenses are "on a delivery truck" which must be parked somewhere. It never showed up here today. The ring is at the carrier's "shipping center." The shipping center is in (I think) Memphis.

If I wasn't waiting somewhat impatiently for the stupid things, it'd be interesting to watch their progress: two small packages, making their way ever-so-slooooowly from the East Coast to here, from pick-up to airport to Memphis to truck to airplane to airport to truck to local package center to delivery truck.

Bar codes and computers are amazing, aren't they?

I do wonder, just a little, why a Japanese company has its warehouse back East....

Logic tells me I might see both packages here on Monday.

I want 'em. I'm eager to start playing with the new lenses. I have a list of things I want to shoot that I've been waiting on because the camera's built-in zoom lens isn't quite zoomy enough.

Still, when all is said and done, I think I ended up saving almost $10 by not buying them from a local camera store!

What a bargain!


DAL said...

A hard drive I wanted to buy was about $20 cheaper locally, but the store only offered a one year warranty, while the online store was offering the manufacturer's three year warranty. The local store (that I only rarely visit) has a rep for lousy service. I'm glad that there are three or four others to choose from. But none of them have the drive that I want.

I wonder what "qwzqjwi" means.

MrScribbler said...

It's a close relation of "qkszdtx."

Sounds like Serbo-Croatian to me!