Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I'm seeing a pattern... the responses to my question about relocating.

Two people mentioned their own areas, perhaps secure in the knowledge that finances would keep me out of one and border guards would deny me access to the other.

At least two people seem to be saying that the best place for me is somewhere far, far away where the natives speak an incomprehensible language.

I'm sure that option would have plenty of support in some quarters. In fact, I suspect at least one person will read that suggestion and think: "Hmmmm...why Poland? Why not...Albania? Outer Mongolia? Midway Island?"

I can only imagine the response I might have gotten if Virgin Interplanetary's flights connecting Los Angeles with the Asteroid Belt were available now.

Oh well. Somewhere in the Carolinas still sounds good. But I'm beginning to think that might not be sufficiently far away to suit my fans....


Kim said...

I don't know and have never been to the US, so I can't advise you of a place to live. Sorry Scrib! But your list of requirements for the place in your previous post sound very sane to me! Good luck!

MrScribbler said...

Guess Kim doesn't want me in OZ...always wanted to go there, too!

BDraggs said...

There's an alternate universe somewhere with your name on it, Mr. Scribbler!

I'm still looking for mine, too!

Justfly said...

North Carolina...I think that is a great place.