Monday, May 29, 2006

That wasn’t so difficult... least compared to, say, being trampled by a herd of overweight bison, or assembing the Brooklyn Bridge with common household tools.

Today’s assignment is done. Almost done, anyway. Before I send it editor-ward tomorrow morning, I’ll give it a final read-through and probably make a lot of changes. I'll have to cut a few sentences, too; it's slightly longer than requested. But the words are spelled correctly, and are arranged in a form that at least resembles proper English.

Had to get away from the computer before I could write it, though. I went for a walk to clear my head and try to put the information I needed to impart into some kind of coherent order before starting to tap the keys. It's a beautiful day; I wanted to stay outside.

The head-clearing part didn’t really work, of course. There were intrusive thoughts of other matters, far more important to me personally than the subject of the article, that clamored for attention. They would not go away when ordered to do so.

But what the hell. The job is done. The next two articles will be easier, even though for reasons beyond my control I can’t start one of them until Wednesday and have to turn it in on Friday.

And now...nothing. I am not driving anywhere. I have heard there isn't an open parking space within two miles of here -- park- and beach-goers have taken them all -- and I don't really want to go through the hassle of finding one.

I'm not in the mood to be out among 'em, anyway.

But what the hell. The job is done.


Justfly said...

You immediately put my thoughts back to when we were in La Jolla. We spent a bit of time hunting for parking, thankfully we had success. We didn't realise what the deal was until the sun starting setting. Who wouldn't want to be near the beach?

MrScribbler said...

Being by the beach is good, justfly.

Wish my garage was large enough to hold my car....