Saturday, May 27, 2006

Memorial Day

Though I will not express myself as well as others can, I feel the need to say something about Memorial Day.

I had friends who died in Viet Nam, and friends who came back with scars both physical and mental. Members of my family and people I knew fought in World War II and in Korea. I've known a few folks who have served in Iraq, including one friend who is there now.

Memeorial Day is their day.

It is also the day to honor untold millions like them who have served this Nation in all the combat situations they were sent into over the years, the centuries. Whether they lost their lives, were injured or came through unmarked in any way, they offered themselves up for us, put themselves on the line in defense of their land.

Because of them, we are a free country. Because of them, others in the world have been saved from tyrrany. And when they could not prevent the inevitable, our men and women in uniform still gave their all.

I am angered when I hear some speak piously about sacrifice when they themselves avoided sacrifice. That might include me; I never served in the military.

But at least I have nothing high-minded to say, would not dare insult our military by saying anything more than the following words:

I pray for those who have fallen, that they are at peace. I pray for those who have suffered and for those now in harm's way. May God be with you all, keep you safe while you are away, bring you home.

I, and every other American, owe you a debt that cannot be repaid. We remember, on Memorial Day and every day.

Thank you.

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Starshine said...

Nobody could have said it better. Great entry, MrScribbler. I'm posting something tomorrow or Monday, but it will no way be as good as what you wrote here!