Friday, May 19, 2006

My Word!

...and the word is...


Today is the birthday of my beloved adopted daughter! I made up that word especially for her, and was more than a little pleased to see it gracing her blog today....

I have given her full rights to said word, dedicated it to her. It's now officially a "Whatsername Word." I don't want to see anyone using it without giving proper credit to her!

I'm not going to get all weepy and setimental about her. Not now, anyway. Just know that she has made me smile when I needed a smile, has been a friend when I needed a friend and is, in general, exactly what I would have wanted my daughter to be if I had had one.

You are the epitome of superbishness, dear Whatsername.

Your adopted daddy is thinking of you, loves you, and wishes you all the best, now and always.

Happy birthday!


Whatsername said...

thank you!!!!!

MrScribbler said...

You're more than welcome, keedo!