Saturday, May 06, 2006


The clock tells me it’s 7:21 on Saturday night, but my body insists that it’s 4:21 on Sunday morning.

A long trip, and mostly a very good one. The weather in Germany couldn’t have been better; nor could the hospitality of our hosts have been improved upon.

But there were moments when it all went sour for me. Too many of them. Too many moments when I seemed out of synch with those around me, was blind to the pleasures right in front of me.

The sad side of the trip was summed up by my arrival back here: I walked up the ramp leading from the customs/immigration area, tired, carrying too many bags, just as I have so many times before. I looked up at the railing where people waiting to meet arriving passengers stand – I’ve been there many times as well – and saw the expectation, the joy of reunion, on their faces.

No one was waiting for me.

I came home to my empty, quiet place. No one there, either. And checked mailbox, voicemail, email. None of them had the message I so need to hear.

Suddenly, the whole thing seemed a total waste of time.

Still, I took pictures, and will share some with a few stories in the days to come.

But for now, jet lag – and affection-lag – have me in their grip.

So I wish you all guten abend.

UPDATE, THE NEXT MORNING: I woke up at 5:00 am, and why not? The internal clock told me it was the middle of the afternoon, and anyone who sleeps in that long is just lazy. Or hung over? But I am readjusting. I think. I'll know tomorrow....


nettish-guy said...

Well, I welcome you back, freund.

prettytrini said...

I've missed you hon! :) *huggggggggs*

Amber said...

Trick is to lower your expectations. Probably considerably.

MrScribbler said...

amber -- I have lowered my expectations...not enough, I guess.