Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunday night...

...and a warm, cloudy day with rain threatening has turned into a chilly cloudy night with rain threatening.

Up to an inch of the wet stuff is forecast, along with possible thunderstorms. I don't believe a word of it. Southern California storms are what people in places that have real weather call "heavy dew."

I came within an inch of buying myself another toy today. This time, I was looking at Yamaha electronic pianos and found a few real bargains. Despite having some extra spondulicks in my pocket, I finally chickened out. That's what you do when you've lived on a tight budget for so many years.

Besides, there are some just-in-case situations for which I want to keep some money around. One never knows....

The week ahead will involve more writing assignments (which I don't mind) and the latest chapter in the search for new, stable, trustworthy clients (which I do mind). At the best of times, I'm not the greatest salesman for myself -- unless the person I'm selling myself to is already predisposed to hire me, as has been true of some editors -- and these are not necessarily the best of times.

Have to book my flights and arrange some while-I'm-there wheels for my trip back East in two weeks. I'm still of two minds about going; I'll enjoy it, and I fully intend to work some contacts to find about about job/relocation possibilities, but I have plenty on my mind without the distractions.

Besides, two days of standing in the (probably) hot sun wearing a tie and blazer can be pretty draining (so to speak). I may have to look into a lightweight blazer (do they make 'em out of linen?) and one of those snazzy straw hats the high-falutin' guys wear back there.

Of course there was one year when I went back to do this gig and ended up standing around outdoors in a steady rain, ankle-deep in mud....

Still, this will be my first trip to that area in five years -- a sad side-story I won't go into -- and I've been promised a warm welcome-back. Hot meals, too.

It isn't where I'd like to be two weekends from now, but so few places are.

In the meantime, a new week is on the horizon. I'm not making any predictions; if a few things go as I'd like, it could be a good one. Or even a great one.

For now, let's leave it at that.


BDraggs said...

Hawaiian shirts.

Straw fedora.

A good-to-go Mr. Scribbler.

MrScribbler said...

I'm not certain a Hawaiian shirt will get over in lah-de-dah Connecticut, Ms Draggs...

Wish it would, 'cos I have three of the little dears in my closet, just waiting to be called upon!

DAL said...

Connecticut, eh? That's as close to my place as you'll probably ever get.