Monday, May 15, 2006

What "they" won't tell you

If you're one of those people who feels sympathetic to the illegal-alien "plan" being put forth by George Bush and too damn many members of our out-of-touch Congress, let me suggest that you go here and read what some of the effects of their amnesty plan will be.

Yes, I understand that Bush claims "we are a nation of laws" in his useless speech tonight, and that what he is proposing is not amnesty for years of illegal activity. But if we actually intended to enforce the laws we have, we would be taking steps to send a minimum of 12 million people out of the country right away, so they could apply for residency like everyone else who has waited years to come to the USA legally.

Instead, we will send the National Guard to the border to wash the Border Patrol's vehicles while they try to stem the endless flood. And the Guard forces will be gone from the border as soon as Bush can manage it. Like right after the November elections.

And we'll establish a "guest-worker" program and requirements for the transformation of illegals into "legal" residents that are unenforceable and ripe for abuse.

Does any sane person actually believe that any of Bush's ideas -- never mind the even more bizarre Senate bill being considered -- is even remotely workable?

The sad truth is our so-called "public servants" are dancing to the tune of employers looking for cheap (slave) labor and a Mexican jefe who wants to send his poorest citizens northward and keep the southward flow of dollars going.

And, thanks to the generous provisions of the Senate's idea of "comprehensive immigration reform" -- which means "let 'em all in and let 'em all vote" -- not only will our population grow at an unsustainable rate, but our welfare systems will be stretched beyond supportability and the rule of law will have been rendered meaningless.

We have always been a "nation of immigrants." That is one of our unique strengths. But becoming a "nation of illegal immigrants" may well destroy us as a society and as a nation.

NOT-SO-PARENTHETICAL THOUGHT: Having just watched Bush deliver his "speech," I am now firmly convinced that as long as this man remains in office, and as long as Dianne Feinstein, Ted Kennedy, John McCain, Harry Reid and others who buy into the insanity of "comprehensive immigration reform" have any authority at all, we are doomed. None of what these people are saying even comes close to making sense. We might as well kiss the United States goodbye. It's over.


O said...

I am having such a difficult getting my head wrapped around all the misadventures of "the Shrub"
It makes me so angry - you are right we are doomed and this will all be null and void come November.
*going back to my corner to pull out what is remaining of my hair*

Anonymous said...

It makes me wonder if the guard is suppose to keep people out, or keep people in? A scary thought. Who wants an American? Not many places want us.

Starshine said...

Yes, we are a nation of immigrants. You are right. A nation of illegal immigrants will destroy us.


HarpO'Fly said...

Government is the root of most evil, or its vehicle.
The more people tend to think the opposite, the bigger the mess.
Thinking Republican or Democrat is the answer is sutpidity. Every mess we are in has been a bi-partisan effort fueld by class envy and hand outs on all levels, from the dole to corporate bail outs.

Anyone not living in the Garden of Eden is an immigrant. Those who built this country did not come over, then demand services and special status. The mass insanity which prevails is the culmination of years of conditioning the public.

HarpO'Fly said...

how ironic and fitting, I spelled stupidity wrong

Starshine said...

It's ok. You just made a typo, that's all, HarpO.