Thursday, June 01, 2006

An inconclusive start... the day.

Didn't sleep much last night. That's normal, lately, but no need to go into the reasons. The result was that I woke up feeling both out-of-sorts and sad.

And then I saw my horoscope. If it is ever to be accurate on any day, this would be the one:

Aries Mar 21 - Apr 19
You've got all the luck in the world right now -- a first swing sends that ball right out of the park. Instant success is yours to be had -- just don't rest on your laurels. It's a sign you need to keep at it.

I don't know whether to laugh or weep.

I've talked to the people at Magazine #1 already, as it's two hours later at their office. It was, shall we say, inconclusive. The editor says she's been having email troubles, which is why she claimed not to have received some of my communications -- and why I had to send my latest column to her seven times. Of course she let the publishing deadline pass without asking me where it might be.

So one of the two checks I was expecting will not be arriving, and she has a column on reserve. I just didn't get into the magazine for that month. The other check? "Oh, must be delayed by the holiday." I hear that more times than you might expect.

The publisher chose today to not be in the office. He wants, I am assured, to have a long talk with me. Next week.

End result? Nothing concrete. The columns will continue to run for now, as long as the editor gets them from me. I have asked -- yet again -- that she lets me know when she receives them or, at least, lets me know the deadline is at hand (it changes) and asks if I've sent it; how difficult is that?

Does this sound like the magic day promised by my horoscope? Not my idea of "hitting one out of the park," I must say.

So far as I know, my lunch is still on. I have a nice convertible for the 50-mile (each way) trek to the office. But since temperatures are forecast to reach into the 100s today -- one local radio host has started his annual "schvitz-watch" heat warnings -- I may leave the top up. Don't need to be muddled by the heat when the discussions begin.

The day is young. I still have a few more at-bats during which I might be able hit that long line drive into deep right field.

Instant success? No such thing. But I'm still pluggin' along....

I'm not even going to talk about other ways -- not related to these two clients -- "instant sucess" would be welcome, in part because I'm not expecting it there. I'd be overjoyed with a little forward progress....

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HarpO'Fly said...

Good luck with the lunch meeting.

and with the home run