Monday, June 12, 2006

My five minutes online...

...are almost up.

I don't know that the connection will die again. It did this morning, and I haven't been able to get online for so much as email checking since 0715 or so. Which is a bad thing, work-wise. I jury-rigged it somehow...not really sure what made it come back on. And thus I don't know whether it will come back on next time I restart....

My computer is still screwing up big-time. The list of what it won't do/does without my wanting it to is too long to display. Suffice it to say it seems some major element in Windows has been corrupted. I did find a "trojan horse" virus which, when removed, killed a few additional functions as it went out the door.

I have saved everything onto CDs (I hope) and tomorrow we will wipe the hard drive and install Windows XP (in place of 2000) and put back all the non-Microsoft stuff I've accumulated. All, by the way, checked individually for viruses.

Do you care? Naaah.

It's just that this computer mess, which consumed hours of my day and kept me from doing productive stuff -- the program I write in is acting funky, too -- and made me want to rip out the few remaining hairs on my noggin, was the least aggravating, misery-inducing and gloom-provoking part of the day.

So that makes it easier to write about than the rest.

And tomorrow, thanks to some things I've been asked to do that cannot be rescheduled and are going to occur almost simultaneously -- thus making it necessary for me to be in two widely separated places at once -- is going to be even more frustrating.

It would be nice if something -- or, better, someone -- wanted to bring me a little happiness instead of constant rations of crap.

But that just must be too damn much to ask.


DAL said...

Maybe you should get a used Mac--nobody bothers to write viruses for them.

Nip that lmviw in the bud.

HarpO'Fly said...

Never thought of that about Macs. It's really bizarre that anyone bothers to write viruses.

MrScribbler said...

I've thought about it, dal...or maybe running off to mxyyku instead.

harpo'fly -- malicious computer geeks love doing that stuff. Some people just don't care how much damage they cause, as long as they're having fun.

Birdie said...

you were still with 2000? no wonder you had probs... all modern programs need XP minimum as far as I know... and XP is really cool once you get used to it.
I girl friend of mine had a mac and I tried to help her get things organised with it... it was horrible!! too expensive and confusing... but then, it depends what you're used to.
good luck!