Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The "6-6-6" report

Though some feared that today's date plus the numerological double-whammy that mortgage interest rates rose to an average 6.66% heralded the beginning of the End Times (or some such cosmic upheaval), nothing apocalyptic has taken place. I might not have noticed if it had; what's one more major disaster?

I voted today. Impossible as it may seem, I found a place even more lonely than my little cell here: the polling place. While I was there I saw exactly five people, and they were all poll workers.

It wasn't that I felt some burning need to do my Civic Duty, so much as I wanted to vote against two absurd measures -- one yet another bloated bond issue, the other a bonehead scheme to force the wealthy to pay for free state-run preschools for all children. The rest of the ballot was essentially meaningless. Most of the candidates (this is a primary election, so one votes only within one's own party) ran unopposed.

I hope I'm not here in November for the "real" election. Yes, there will be more choices to be made, but they will be races between Loser (R) and Loser (D). And there will be more bond issues, raising the state's debt to absurd new heights, more propositions backed by various greedhead groups looking for special breaks disguised as "benefits for the people."

The rest of the day? Don't ask.

Let's just say there were things that I worked to improve (with results so far unknown) and things I was offered (we'll see when the time comes for the offers to be made good). That was work. Everything else remains as-was, which isn't doing me any good.

At least the cat seems to be doing well enough. He has a vet appointment for Monday, though if anything happens between now and then, I'll just take him straight over there.


BenB said...

I felt much the same way. The only thing of consequence today was the traffic reporter's announcement that there was a horse's head lying on the side of one of the freeways here. A HORSE'S HEAD? They played some sinister music, and then denounced the so-called devil's day as nothing more than just another day, and went on with the report. I concur heartily, the earth isn't ending today, satan isn't taking over the world by midnight, and all is just as well as it has been.

MB said...

Hey, it's only 21:00 here - we can hope right? Oh, wait. I live in LA... if there was a take-over by evil powers no-one here would notice :D


Birdie said...

it must be true!! the devil's day.... you actually have a typo in your entry!! oh, what's the world coming too........ *wink*

MrScribbler said...

Really, birdie? I think The Beast must have left his mark on your glasses...I see no typo.

Not now, anyway.... ;P

MB -- me, too. And the Evil Powers have already taken over here!

Birdie said...

hah! you found it! meaningless was meningless heehee
but I won't even start to mention all the typos I do in comments... ugh