Wednesday, June 28, 2006

This & that...

...because I just don't feel like getting into what's going on inside my head.

One of my favorite journal-writers is planning her honeymoon. Wherever she and The Bloke (her intended) go -- I suggested Mallorca -- I hope they have a wonderful time.

I was looking forward to a honeymoon myself, having not had one the first time (I had to work instead) but since another wedding seems unlikely now, I suspect I'll never find out what it's like.

Meanwhile, my brother is hatching bizarre plots of Cuban liberation. If he sounds the call, I'm ready to head for the Island of Cigars and take on The Bearded One. Since I no longer have anything to lose, making a kamikaze run against the oppressor and striking a blow for ordinary people -- and, of course, for Meyer Lansky -- really appeals to me.

Who knows? Maybe my face would end up on posters and t-shirts.

Hey, it worked for Che, and I'm a much nicer guy than he was.


Anonymous said...

You just might find out you like island living.

kim said...

Awww, *sniffle* - I feel honoured to be blog-rolled. And as for your second honeymoon, well, you never know what life may bring! Hugs K

BDraggs said...

If you do, bring me some cigars for my daddy......

And wear your Hawaiian shirts!

HarpO'Fly said...

I'm making preparations at this very moment. We will travel light, finding suitable honeymoon partners after our revolution to overthrow the revolting revolution succeeds. We shall be the darlings of the young virgins who make the cigars.
You have heard that the Cuban cigars are special because they are constructed by virgins who roll them on their tender thighs, no?
Vamos a Cuba Libre, amigo!