Thursday, June 15, 2006

The fix is in...

...and it was simple.

After wasting two days on efforts to reload, debug and recover data from my computer, I simply jacked it in and headed off to Fry's where, $700 or thereabouts later, I emerged with two largish boxes containing a computer that actually works.

And a monitor, too. LCD beats CRT seven ways from Sunday.

Of course you all know there's more to the deal than hooking up a few wires and pushing the buttons and keys. I deleted a bunch of useless crap from the new computer -- I wouldn't want AOL if it offered a three-year free trial, and Norton antivirus has not been my friend in the past -- and loaded in programs I actually use. The whole thing took me six hours to complete, and I'm still not done; one more call to the happy Hindus at the AT&T help center may finish the job. For now.

Not having to worry about depending on semi-reliable friends for help -- I bought an extended-service plan -- is a big relief, let me tell you. So is the better performance of this new box.

I hated to spend the money. I had other plans for it. Oh, well. They probably weren't going to happen anyway.

And now to clean up the damage done by two lost days. Too much necessary information died with the old computer, not to mention emails and assorted items I was unhappy to lose. I need to do some work, too.

So my appearances here -- and as a reader-of-friends'-journals -- may be a bit sporadic over the next few days while I play catch-up.

And now, I need some more aspirin.


Birdie said...

I'll never understand why no one likes AOL.. I've been using it for years and I'm VERY happy with it! Agreed, I used to have problems with them, but I think they got their act together.

Enjoy your new toy Scribby!!

MrScribbler said...

Birdie, I used to have AOL and it was awful...they may have cloeaned up their act, but who needs 'em? I don't think there's any advantage to going back.

HarpO'Fly said...

Good news. Back and rolling.
I'm not big on aol either, or yahoo. Both are very intrusive.
I've got norton but I wish I had canned it for something else. It's doing OK but I don't like it too well

Birdie said...

I have aol for my main stuff, but use firefox for lots of surfing. I have a good virus software Avast.... so far no complaints. I stay clear of yahoo...
No matter how good all that stuff is, there are enough computer geniuses that hack everything and spoil our fun!!
oh, and I also love JS heehee

kit said...

I'm sorry about your old computer. Congratulations on your new one!