Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I Got a Right to Sing the Blues

Remember this old song? I’ve heard Sinatra and Louis Armstrong sing it, each with his own inflections and interpretations....

Yeah, it’s a defeatist’s kind of song. It doesn’t give out with any of that “you have to move on” pap spread by Dr Laura and Dr Phil and the rest of the new-age witch doctors.

Rarely, usually just once in a lifetime, love is deep enough that it won’t let you “move on.” There is nowhere to move on to.

When that happens, and things go sour, you got a right to sing the blues....

I know, believe me.

I got a right to sing the blues,
I got a right to feel low down
I got a right to hang around
Down around the river.

A certain gal in this old town.
Keeps draggin’ my poor heart around.
All I see right for me,
Is… is misery.

I got a right to sing the blues.
I got a right to moan and sigh.
I got a right to sit and cry.
Down around the river.

I know the deep blue sea
Will soon be callin’ me.
It must be love, say what you choose.
I got a right to sing the blues


DAL said...

If you get the urge to act out this song, please drown your sorrows in some good scotch, and not the deep blue sea.

Unless the writer meant to join the navy. That's OK, I suppose.

MrScribbler said...

It was The Village People who sang about joining the Navy, dal.

The deep blue sea hasn't called yet. Sadly, neither has anyone else.

And I'm resisting the urge to drown my sorrows in too much scotch, good or otherwise....