Monday, June 05, 2006

Worrying about my buddy...

...and companion for more than 16 years.

Hobbes, about whom friend "birdie" was asking, is showing his age....

Sixteen is a long, full life for most cats. He has been, and still is, happy, but there are problems. He's begun to have some trouble eating; he won't finish the portions of food I set out for him, and often comes immediately to ask for more without touching what's there.

It may be nothing worse than a dental problem. It's apparently unrelated to the food itself; no matter if it's $1.10-a-can "health" food or the basic stuff from the supermarket, I can never predict which food will interest him.

Otherwise, he's in pretty good shape. But this is the age when time grows short, and I dread losing him.

So much has changed in those 16 years. For him, it has meant living in four different places, sometimes with two people (briefly, with four), sometimes with three other cats, for a while with three dogs and two other cats, then with one cat and one dog, then one cat (who lived to reach 17). For me, the changes have been even more dramatic.

And now, it's just the two of us.

So I'll be taking him to the vet for a checkup. If there's something that can be done, it will be done.

If not, I don't care if he wants to be fed ten times a day, don't care how many half-full plates of food go into the trash.

He's been here for me for a long, long time. I'll be here for him, no matter what.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck. I had one make it to 22 years old. He became a finicky eater too because his teeth were worn down to the nerves.

When it came down to the only thing keeping him going was IV fluid and steroids I had to pull the plug. Hardest decision I've had to make so far.

Still expect to see him sometimes and it's been 4 years.


DAL said...

Forget any comment I've left in any other entry. I'll be thinking of Hobbes now, and worrying.

gillardia said...

Aww. That breaks my heart. Pets are so important to us. I hope he is doing well and the vet can help. *HUGS*


MrScribbler said...

Thanks, my friends. Just gave him his sixth meal of the day....

His teeth are fairly sharp, and he has most if not all of them still, so I'm hoping it's perhaps a sore tooth that needs attention.

Birdie said...

aw, that's such a cute picture of him! Shila is 11 and there are some days when she, too, doesn't eat proper... then she spits up gobs of hair (yuck) and starts eating again.Hopefully his problem is nothing serious! give him a hug from me, will ya?

Anonymous said...

you are a god pet owner. i have a 12 year old cat that i dread losing, and i dread losing her 10yr old son even more.

losing a pet is one of the harder things to go through. 16 is a good life for a cat, and who knows, luckily youll have a few more years. its good to know that there are pet owners like you out there and your cat is very very lucky.


Wizardress said...

I do hope that your kitty will prove to be ok. I've always had cats since I was a little girl, and I can't imagine life without them. In fact, I lived in Holland for 3 years without a cat, and during that time there was something missing until I got Mr. Mistofflees.

*big hugs*

susananne said...

Ive had cats all my life and i couldnt imagine life without them. I had my last cat for 18 years until hubby ran over her driving up the driveway :-( now i have 2 who are 6 yrs sure its sometime real simple Mr Scribs..(( hugs ))

Anonymous said...

He Is a handsome fellow. 16 is a good lifespan. I have lost some good friends who were my companions for 16 years or more. Hope he keeps you company for a while longer.