Saturday, June 03, 2006

Another Saturday night...

...much like the last one.

During the week, I have worked, planned, dreamed. I have put on the faces people wanted to see: the loyal worker, the man with answers, the man with ideas, the friend ready to do a favor...they were all genuine faces.

Tonight, as on too many Saturday nights, there is no one to see my face, no face for me to see, no one to hear my voice, no voice to hear, no one to touch, no one to touch me....this, alas, is the real face of me, circa June, 2006.

So it's me, a few drinks, and Frank Sinatra.

Frank knew what it's all about....

Each place I go, only the lonely go
Some little small cafe
The songs I know, only the lonely know
Each melody recalls a love that used to be
The dreams I dream, only the lonely dream
Of lips as warm as May
That hopeless scheme only the lonely scheme
That soon somewhere you'll find the one that used to care
And you recall each fun time
Those picnics at the beach when love was new
It well could be the one time
A hopeless little dream like that comes true
If you find love, hang on to each caress
And never let love go
For when it's gone you'll know the loneliness
The heartbreak...only the lonely know

-- Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen

Another drink, another song...

Willow weep for me
Willow weep for me
Bend your branches green along the stream that runs to sea
Listen to my plea
Listen, willow, and weep for me
Gone my lover's dream
Lovely summer dream
Gone and left me here
To weep my tears into the stream
Sad as I can be
Hear me willow, and weep for me
Whisper to the wind and say that love has sinned
Leave my heart a breakin'
And makin' a moan
Murmur to the night to
Hide her starry light
So none will find me sighing
And crying, all alone
Weeping willow tree
Weep in sympathy
Bend your branches down along the ground and cover me
When the shadows fall
Bend, O willow, and weep for me
O weepin' willow tree
Weep in sympathy
Bend your branches down and cover me
When the shadows fall
Bend, O willow, and weep for me

--Ann Ronnell


BDraggs said...

Frankie would kick your behind for not getting out in the mix and shakin' it with the best of 'em, Mr. S.!!!

MrScribbler said...

No, Mlle Draggs, he'd understand. He'd be sitting on the stool next to me in that dark bar with the sympathetic bartender....

And I'd buy him a drink.

everyone said...

Baggy - One
Scribb- Nil

MrScribbler said...

Maybe so, "everyone," maybe so....

Baggy's a bright lady...I hope she never has to join us, Frank and me, at that quiet, lonely bar....

Starshine said...

Mr Scribbler, I've been spending my Saturday night much like your's. I've been listening to minibites music on the web. Lonely, yes it is.

MrScribbler said...

Sorry to hear it, Starshine. I'd feel better if it was simply me, and no one else was lonely tonight....