Tuesday, August 14, 2007

When you come to the end of an imperfect day...

...all you can do is heave a sign, be glad it's over, and hope tomorrow is better.

The wispy clouds that have drifted overhead all day have fled eastward, and appear to be solidifying as they go. Once again, the desert may get rain we need here...

In about 18 hours, I'll have to decide whether I'll be heading out of town on Thursday. As always these days, the go/no go decision has to be based on things beyond my control. Doesn't matter if I want to leave; in fact, I'm extremely neutral about that. But I should go, and if I do not it'll be because I was forced to cancel out.

I had a few aggravating moments today, but won't bore you with them.

For more than two years, I've had a strong feeling that what I want doesn't much matter. Like a leaf in a rushing stream, I'm being carried along until I finally sink.

It's a feeling I've never gotten used to, and never will.

Some people can cope with that, can tell themselves that everything happens for the best, or at least for a reason. Not me.

To hell with it. I think I'll go read myself to sleep.

This day is over, and good riddance to it.


Interested said...

(((HUGS))) Scrib. What you want DOES matter. Sitting here writing this with shades on. Both my eys are now in a very bad way.

Try and be positive.

Anonymous said...

I'll go in your stead. Pull my collar way up, pull my hat way down, fake laryngitis so as not speak, whatever it takes to not embarrass you. PLEASE??

Actually bedtime is the time of day I look forward to the most, certainly more than starting the day. Hope you can clear your mind for at least a few hours. :)

lowandslow said...

Sorry Scribbs, that last one was from me. :)

joan said...

Red sky at night.....how lovely your pictures even when you are a cranky bear.