Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shitweasel of the day

...is my bank.

I finally went over to a branch staffed by humans today to find out why my deposit didn't show up. Simple. The banks' computers are down.

The computers are down. Ain't that sweet?

Not only that, their system has been down since Friday.

I don't know about you, but there is not a single business or individual on this planet who would accept a lame-ass excuse like that if I screwed up.

The little assistant-managerette was very kind about it. She explained it all very nicely and apologized profusely.

But I can't blame downed computers and offer apologies at the damned grocery store. Utility companies don't like those lines much either. And if I had the cojones to try them, I'd pay a penalty of one sort or another, you damn betcha.

All the bank has to do is be sorry and it's home free, baby.

I suppose this would be a minor irritant if it wasn't simply the latest in an unending line of aggravations, disappointments and general pains-in-the-butt inflicted by banks, airlines, corporations and various individuals, extending back over a considerable period of time.

I'm getting paranoid, Jim. Someone is out to get me.

How long, O Lord, before one of these is one too many?


Interested said...

Good golly what sort of bank IS that? Yanno because nothing can process, you would think if masses of people end up bouncing checks etc.. that the bank will have to eat and reverse the charges.

MrScribbler said...

Int -- the assistant-managerette said they'd take care of the charges, but I don't trust the bastards. Not going to write what might end up being a hot check....

lowandslow said...

There is a law that says banks cannot be closed more than 3 consecutive days, such as for a weekend and a Friday OR a Monday holiday. If their computers are down, they are in effect closed for business as I see it. I think I'd call the Federal Reserve, or maybe Warren Buffett or Exxon, and complain.

Interested said...

L&S I had forgotten that, and I work for a bank...DUH!

Who is running their IT department...SQUIRRELS???!!

MrScribbler said...

l&s -- for all the good THAT would do, I might as well call Enron....

Int -- The squirrels I've seen are too smart for the bank. I suspect they have United Airlines people working there. And the IT people are busy getting their porn sites and MySpace pages back up first....

paulafrances said...

Ryan just got promoted to teller supervisor at the bank where he works...
he did not get that gene from me!
the stories...
are a bummer.
they would so love to hire Ryan away from finishing school, and I certainly see why.
Ryan is sooo dependable, competent and his degree is in Physics.

What a combo. His dad, and... no one!
I more of a word person!
Actually though, my dad was a tool design engineer and helped design the tools for the Saturn missile.
I'll continue with this chatty comment..
Ryan just got a new car, hope I didn't tell you already... Bright red, we have 3 red cars! It's a a Civic...sporty something which he lovesand it is agood thing. With it came his first payment book.
Abby say it is an SI ?

If any one could do that, the fire dept would be the ones, but he has not heard from them.

paulafrances said...

oops I screwed up my comment...I have NEVER done that before!

John said...

And people push for more remotely, centrally controlled elements in life. Banks can be the most impossible things to deal with ever.
"Give me your money and when I'm good and ready, I'll let you use some of it". That seems to be the motto.

MrScribbler said...

As it happens, the computer was "fixed" at about 5:00 this afternoon. I hauled butt over to the market and stocked up on foodstuffs....

What Wells Fargo giveth, they can sure as heck taketh away!