Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Lucky me... I get ready to head out to play chauffeur. My friend D. has his doctor appointment this morning, and it involves getting right into morning traffic. I have allowed 90 minutes to make what once was a 30-minute drive.

No, I'm not upset with D. for asking. I volunteered, in fact. I've driven myself home from eye exams with dilated pupils, and it ain't fun.

I'm upset about a number of things, though. And driving, especially in traffic, is not therapeutic at times like this.

There are possibilities today. One or two, anyway. If one or both happen, a little bit of the fog that has descended on me might lift, just a bit.

Not expecting, just hoping.

Experience has taught me to expect nothing and to trust very few people. None of the trustworthy people are involved with today's possibilities.

Oh, well. Gotta go.


lowandslow said...

Maybe you'll be happily surprised today. Ya never know. :)

Judy said...

I have recently found out about what you are talking about! :) Trustworthy is hard to find. When we do, they are like treasures.

Paula said...

Here's hoping....

Mr-Stu said...

You need a tank!