Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Love is in the air...

...everywhere but here, that is.

You'd think it was springtime, the way people are getting together. Old hubbies and wifeys are gone, and now it's time to connect with new loves.

It all makes me feel rather unattractive and undesirable. With good reason; each of those who pledged love and loyalty to me felt no need to follow through for very long. I helped them through periods of pain and/or loneliness and then, when greener pastures beckoned, all that nonsense was forgotten.

Don't consider this a warning of dire consequences ahead if you're one of those who are feeling those wonderful emotions again. Most likely you have what it takes to make the deal work. A lot of people do.

I seem not to. Whatever I said, whatever I am, that made a desirable woman commit herself to me lasted only until she realized she was free to accept other invitations. My value was, at best, transitory.

Other people, those who are going through difficult times, have mentioned the necessity of living for today, of telling the ones you love that, well, you love them.

I can't do that, either.

Several people whom I love are gone. The few -- all two of them -- who are still alive to whom I might say such a thing would not be interested in my declarations. One wouldn't hear it at all; the other would, at best, offer a noncommittal reply.

But I do love them.

"I love you" is not a phrase I've ever used lightly. It's not just an expression of desire; it's a commitment, and I do not make those lightly.

So while I am delighted that some are finding themselves in fresh relationships, no such good fortune has befallen me, or seems likely to.

I love me, and I'm damned if I can understand why someone who might reciprocate eludes me.

When all about you are forming tight couples, it's a bitch to be relegated to single-ness, Jim.


Anonymous said...

I agree that JS has spawned quite a number of romances which have in some cases resulted in marriage, and in others, weekends or days and days of happy sex.

As one who until recently would have totally disbelieved in the possibility of anything remotely like real "love" online, it has been a stunning revelation.

My old school sensabilities are quite upset however by the number of such alliances that seem to have sprung to life during the existance of an already in-place marriage by one of the lovers. I find that very disquieting indeed. With the social fabric of this country already in tatters, the one tool which I feel is NOT needed is an infidelity aid.

Fin, the sometimes curmudgeon

MrScribbler said...

Fin -- how long d'you suppose it will be before someone names JS in divorce proceedings?

I think online contact with people who seem better/more exciting/more caring than "real" relationships is dangerous in the extreme.

When two single people meet up online, that's good. But it takes a great deal of commonsense to weed out the real from the fake.

John said...

Doesn't generally take getting bit more than once to employ a little caution.
I'd prefer that people not play single if they aren't.
It is damn easy to be pulled into some sort of mess if you aren't careful.
I doubt I'll get bit again, and I doubt I'll end up with anyone off JS. Not ruling it out. What if SHE shows up there and makes an offer I'd be nuts to refuse?
I'm still a dreamer.

DAL said...

Interesting. I have never presented myself as single, and in fact mentioned Wifey many times in my blog. If two people are married and unhappy, they may as well be single and singlehood is just a divorce decree away. But it is still just a legality, not a spirituality. I see nothing wrong with two people who are married to others becoming online lovers or even meeting, as long as they are aware that those legalities can bite them both on the ass.

Of course, I don't have a lot of old school sensibilities. If it feels good, I do it.