Monday, August 20, 2007

Waking up on the wrong side of my cage.

There's something so damn unfair about waking up with a hangover when you haven't been boozing. But that's what this morning has been like: feeling as if the inside of my head is filled with burning horsehair, distaste for anything that looks like food and of course the overwhelming desire to crawl back into the rack and sleep until a better day comes along.

But I Know My Duty. I will send off at least one of my due/overdue articles today. I've looked at the unfinished copy already -- a major feat, that -- and have determined that if I can concentrate for a couple of hours, it's salvageable.

The only influence that might undermine this is the sudden loss of all energy that has been occurring each day after the mail is delivered. If what I've been expecting for several weeks hasn't come by now, why should I think today should be any different?

It freekin' well ought to be different. I've earned every penny I haven't been paid.

I have roughly 90 minutes before that happens. Maybe I'd better get to work now, just in case.

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sugarcane said...

Ahhh, chasing the mailman... something I'm doing frequently these days. Sometimes I just don't bother at all, then two days later I realize the check was there all along. Blimey.

Working for yourself is so difficult sometimes.