Sunday, August 05, 2007

They're at it again... the local annual food fester is in full, noisy swing.

That's where the city fences off half the park and charges 10 scoots for a ticket to go inside the fence and buy food. Some local restaurants are there, as are some of the familiar country fair-type mobile food wagons ("Texas BBQ," "Mariscos de Nacho" and so on.

I guess it couldn't be all local. That would mainly restrict it to fast-food places and roach coaches.

Oh, you get more than that for your money, of course. The local city council-personess has a booth where I suppose her assistants (no doubt getting paid double-time out of our tax dollars for weekend work) pimp her, and various other programs/causes/city agencies have booths too. And a Ferris wheel.

And there's music. Well, vocal and instrumental noises, anyway. There was a "blues" band yesterday -- if you consider a drummer, a bass and guitar (no harp) playing basic blues changes behind an unintelligible vocalist "real" blues*.... I can't judge rock bands, so I won't, but if they were at the level of the blues players, they couldn't have been very good.

They all were (and continue to be) loud, though.

It will always be a mystery to me why people will pay the equivalent of two greasy-but-delicious Chinese take-out meals from Louie's #2 just to get into a place where they can pay more for mediocre eats they have to consume standing up.

But they do.

And I didn't even see any paramedics standing by....

* Reminds me of one of my Flip Wilson Talking Doll's best lines: pull the string and it said "I like the blues, 'cause when the record wears out it still sounds the same."


Sunny said...

We have something like that every year here in St Pete downtown. The Blues Fest brings top name artists from all over the USA, and usually are around 15 to 20 bands peforming. Big bucks to go inside the gate.

Then we also have "The Taste of Pinellas" which we pay a fee to get in and then buy the food! It's ok though, as this is a charity event for the Children's Hospital.

Kim said...

Oh Lord. You really have to come to a Sydney food festival. Well worth the money!

John said...

I've developed an allergy to live bands, and any association to blues.