Thursday, August 23, 2007


So Lindsay Lohan pleaded guilty to drunk-driving charges -- for the second of two arrests -- plus a possession of a small amount of toot. Being an "actress," she did a good job of acting contrite.

And she got one day in jail. Plus 10 days of "community service."

I'm not a big fan of sending people off to the cooler indiscriminately. I don't think it does a whole hell of a lot of good.

But let's face it. If you or I got pulled over and blew a 0.12 on the ol' Breathalyzer and had some blow (even less than a half-gram), do you think we would have gotten 24 hours in the slam?

Not bloody likely, friends and neighbors.

Lohan has done two stints in rehab, which clearly didn't take. Another one is coming up.

She's sorry, though. Really, really sorry.

And she'll carry the heavy scars of least for the next 11 days.

I don't much give a damn if she wrecks her own life. That's her choice. But too many boozed-up and coked-up people manage to hurt others when they get behind the wheel.

Hey, she's a Star. She wouldn't do that, would she?

Not unless she decides to.

The girl needs a major dose of whup-ass, which the state clearly doesn't not intend to administer. Too bad her parents never gave her one (or more) when they could.

PARENTHETICAL JUSTICE-IS-SERVED UPDATE: Headline news from Associated Press: "Nicole Richie was released from jail Thursday after serving 82 minutes of a four-day sentence for driving under the influence of drugs."

If you do the crime, you gotta do the time, right?


Interested said...

I can't stand her and she is a piss poor role model for girls, just like her cousins Nicky, Paris and Brittney.

lowandslow said...

"Do the time?" Obviously not if you have a famous Hollywood name.

Anonymous said...

If I did what they did. I would never see the light of day.

MrScribbler said...

C'mon,'re a celebrity! We all think so....

betty said...

They're a bunch of spoiled brats!

Justfly said...

All that money and one can't get themselves together. It is just pitiful.

John said...

This is why I'm opening an exclusive retreat for wayward women. I think I can help.

paulafrances said...

Lindsey is one of Abby's pet peeve actresses.
Yep, the ole justice system. Very very nice.

becomingkate said...

I've always liked Lindsey, but she's a spoiled brat. I pretty much blame her mother, who was doing the 'we're best friends' crap with her. Grow some ovaries and be a mother!

Anonymous said...

There is certainly a different judicial system for the well-to-do.

Lindsey Ho-han can't go to jail!!!

I saw today in the grocery store that she's on the cover of this months MAXIM magazine--her being in jail might hurt the sales and profit margins of the Hearsts, or Gannett, or Knight-Ridder, or whatever megalithic corporation owns Maxim and needs her ass out there whoring for profits!