Friday, August 17, 2007

The best Elvis...

...will be chosen at Graceland tonight. There are 10 finalists, the majority Americans...none, alas, from Japan.

This one's Chinese, but that was the best the image search could find...

But it does give me one last opportunity to put the remains of an English-to-Japanese-to-Engrish translation of one of The King's hits up for you.

You won't hear it in Memphis tonight. That's for damn sure!

After now my baby leaving me to me, when the new place lives, you found:
As the hotel of unrequited love is lonesome, in the edge.
There is I, therefore loneliness, I very am lonely,
As for me the extent which I can die it is lonely.

However and that is congested always, still it can find the room
For the hearted sweetheart who with gloom shouts there and is broken
And lonely Ohio state so be a very loneliness,
Lonely Ohio state so as for them it is possible to die.

Damage of [hotsupu] of the bell continues to make flow with black, the front person in charge who wears the clothes.
With lonesome sort very long those do not return under any condition
And there are those, therefore loneliness, Ohio state very it is lonely,
You pray in order those is and therefore loneliness to die.

So when your baby goes away and you have the story which it should call
Exactly as walking is lonesome at the hotel of unrequited love carry,
Although loneliness and is I am lonely,
As for us the extent which we can die it is lonely.


John said...

"As the hotel of unrequited love is lonesome, in the edge."
Wise words, indeed.
I had no idea that Ohio State was such a dismal place. Prospective students should take heed.

MrScribbler said...

John -- I was sorta taken by "the front person in charge who wears the clothes."

Sheer poetry!

Birdie said...

As you may, or may not, know, Elvis was stationed here in Germany, in fact, not far from where I live. It was here that he met Priscilla. Needless to say, that town is also celebrating and the landlord of the place where he lived, or was it his then barber/hair dresser, has set up a small museum... he has a number of mementos including Elvis' old record player!

No, I won't go visit...