Thursday, August 23, 2007

Misplaced martyrdom

Some misguided people are making a fuss over the case of one Elvira Arellano, an illegal who sought "sanctuary" in a Chicago-area church and was deported after she came to Los Angeles to speak out against our immigration laws.

According to a story in USA Today, she was given a warm welcome yesterday by the Mexican Senate, who asked their president to send a protest note to Washington over her "unjust" treatment.

No sense complaining to Jorge Bush, amigos. If he had his way, she'd be in, receiving welfare and with nothing to worry about.

He's not alone. There are reports that various members of Congress from Illinois -- including, allegedly, B. Hussein Obama -- have already tried to introduce legislation just for Senorita Arellano, granting her a free pass.

So who is this woman? She has ignored at least two deportation orders, was deported once and immediately slipped back into the US, conceived a child with an unknown father and made sure she was here for the birth so little Saul would be a citizen, and made fraudulent use of a Social Security number.

In short, she has knowingly violated a number of laws and still feels "victimized." If she had pulled those stunts in Mexico, the authorities would have buried her deep in a prison, you can be sure.

She was so hot to come here that she hasn't even bothered to learn English.

She is, in fact, a poster woman for the for the disgusting loss of values and loss of respect for laws in this country.

She'll be back in this country soon. Either because Jorge and those of a similar mindset welcome her here or because she simply walks back across the border.

I wish Emma Lazarus -- who was, by the way, a dedicated Marxist -- had never written that damn poem.

It's time to close the "Golden Door" to those who don't have the decency to pass through it legally.


Anonymous said...

I'm in complete agreement. Wanting to be a US citizen needs to also mean abiding by the laws and learning the language!!

The idea that people want her here galls me. Everyone is under the mistaken impression that they are "entitled" to something, and those that are most deluded and think they are owed something seem to be the ones that contribute the least to positively impact our society.

Send her back? Hell no, I say string her up and let the beatings commence as an example to all the illegals "just sliding by". I'm tired of our country selling out our values and our businesses to foreign interests.

In history class, we learned that every 30 years or so we go from "isolationist" to "world police". I say it's time we go BACK to sealing the borders, refusing to allow people in, and refusing to do business with China until we are allowed to compete in THEIR economy as much as THEY compete in OURS.

Here we have a HUGE problem with Mexican and Somalians who aren't citizens and don't speak the language, but they DRIVE and such. One friend of mine was in an accident, and the cop told him, "I can't cite him for driving without a license because he's not a US resident".

WHAT? Are you fucking kidding me?! If I went to another country and drove illegally, they'd stick it to me as an "Ugly American". How about this?! He's not a resident SO DEPORT HIM! If our laws don't apply, I may go to some other country and obtain citizenship and then come back here and live just to shoot people with impunity. It's outlandish and stupid bueracracy!!!

But what the fuck do -I- know?!?!?


MrScribbler said...

What you know, nullmuse, is all that stuff about respect for the law we were taught in school before education was replaced with "progressive" indoctrination.

More than once I have thought about heading to Mexico, changing my name to "Senor Screebbler" and coming back here so I could lap from the gravy bowl, too.

Interested said...

Ok, while I am not siding with her I do have something to say. Out of ALL the blatant illegals committing SERIOUS crimes...we deport HER? No that she doesn't deserve to be deported. But come on, everyday on the news sites I read, and today also, about illegals who kill a la DWI's etc...who have been arrested for it 20+ TIMES are STILL on AMerican soil.

IMO, while she was an activist and all that, I would much rather see those sort I mentioned get the boot. Are the Feds making an example of her?

We are so assbackwards!

MrScribbler said...

Int -- I agree with you 100%.

They should all be gone, should have been gone before they had a chance to commit their crimes.

Unfortunately, those whose lax immigration policies are to blame for all of this will likely never have to pay the personal cost others have. If they did, the attitudes would change pronto.

picaboblu said...

Amen. My step-MIL is illegal and having fits about the possible consequences of this in relation to her inheritance. Deported twice. Same with her kids.

lowandslow said...

Ditto for me. Illegal is illegal. Period.

Interested said...

The point I was trying to make is if the gov is going to deport, and they should- all millions of them, why aren't they getting rid of the SERIOUS criminals?

Why are the police not allowed to take an illegal into custody or question them, when pulled over about their alien status?

There is no justice.

Anonymous said...

The Newark caper may produce more results than a thousand letters to congresspeople. Infamous as a 'don't ask don't tell' city, they just reaped a little of what they sewed.

betty said...

Having just been through hell trying to get a little government assistance just until we get the house sold, I don't know why it's so easy for illegals to get it. They turned us down, wouldn't give us any kind of help because Paul gets his little SS check. They even told him to get a job! He's had 8 strokes, 2 major, and they tell him to get a job. It's sickening.

John said...

That whole story is sickening. It defies logic and sanity, and certainly respect.