Monday, December 31, 2007

I've had worse days...

...lemme think for a moment. I'll come up with one.

Yeah, maybe the day...naaah. That was not nearly as bad. Fuggedaboutit. Maybe I haven't had a day that was more of a screaming bummer.

Two good things: first, a nice long talk with my friend R., who has to work tonight. Poor guy. I hope the citizens fill his tip jar. I can't stay glum talking to him.

Second: a belated Christmas card. The sentiments expressed meant one heck of a lot to me, particularly from this person, about whom I cannot say enough nice things.

For different reasons -- obviously! -- these two people make me smile.

But neither is here.



Sal said...

I hope you have as happy a New Year as is possible! :) ((((hugs))))

DAL said...

I had an ordinary day, looks to be an ordinary night. I hope you have better days in 2008, Scribbs.

Anonymous said...

I wish you were here with us. We're stuck at home and you could listen to some of Paul's jokes. That would cheer anyone up! I swear, the man is funny...a laugh a minute.
Seriously, I'm sorry you're not happy and hope that in 2008 you find that perfect someone who's out there waiting for you. I know she is, I just know it. You have to much to give to be alone.
Hugs and Happy New Year, MrS.


joan said...

Blah. I came home to a house completely dark. All the power was off and I was alone. So there. :P

Actually I had a nice dinner with a few friends but then spent the evening trying to get electricity back. It's kinda spooky being in the dark with all the noise and festivities going on outside.

Let's have a good 2008. All the best to you. Thank you for your friendship this year.

Kit said...

Happy New Year Mr. S!
From Thing1 & Thing2 :)