Monday, December 03, 2007


...have turned a not-so-swell Monday into a time of irritation.

Start with this story. The appeal of persecuted Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean is being heard in a district court, and damned if one of the judges doesn't smell a Johnny Sutton-sized rat.

But Sutton, no doubt enjoying the protection of his patron, Jorge Bush, just can't help shooting of his lying mouth:

"Some in the media and on the Internet have tried to portray agents Compean and Ramos as heroes, but that narrative is false," Sutton said. "The actions of Compean and Ramos in shooting an unarmed, fleeing suspect, destroying evidence, and engaging in a cover-up, are serious crimes."

Let's look at this. Unarmed? An illegal alien smugging almost a half-ton of weed is highly unlikely to be "unarmed." Ramos and Compean in no way destroyed evidence or engaged in a cover-up. The rules make it incumbent on their superiors to have reported the shooting. At the very worst, the two agents might have received a written reprimand.

But they are in prison, and have been for 11 months, while Sutton, who managed to suppress evidence of the illegal's other drug crimes (the jury heard nothing about that), and lied repeatedly, is free and still one of Jorge's good buddies.

Let us hope the appeals court throws the case against Ramos and Compean out, orders restitution and reinstatement for them, and issues an arrest warrant for Johnny Sutton.

And then there was this news item reminding us that the pathetic wastrels in Washington are ratcheting up the national debt at a rate of one million dollars per minute.

I don't blame any single political party or individual for this. I blame everyone in Congress and at the White House, and I believe they, having created the mess, should be compelled to make personal restitution for their wastrel ways.

Yes, the president should tap his Arab buddies for some loot, and the Senators and Representatives should reach into their own pockets, as well as those of their fat-cat pals, to pay off the debt they've run up. Now.

Look at it this way: in five hours, each person in the United States could be made a millionaire. Sooner, if you leave out the illegals.

Finally, I've read here and there that the government is going to step in and "save" all those people who stupidly signed up for mortgages they couldn't afford. They are going to insist that lenders forgo interest-rate increases and hold back on foreclosures.

I've made some financial blunders, too, and I'd love to have the Feds pat me on the head and say "it's okay." I'm sure many of us would.

Instead, they are going to bail out the idiots who ignored the fine print, who bought houses clearly more expensive than they could reasonably afford.

Once again, the Nanny State's desire to buy its way into the hearts of the most stupid among us as a way of controlling every aspect of our lives.

And the rest of us pay the bills.

You think that red-shirted goon in Venezuela is alone? Everyone in Washington dreams of gaining the same powers he wants and didn't get in yesterday's election.

Our would-be Chavezes are more subtle. They simply take powers they shouldn't have.

And that's the end of Monday's news. I can't take any more.


Anonymous said...

Tell me sir, tell me what to do?

MrScribbler said...

Anon -- I fear nothing can be done at this stage. The people have abdicated their authority by electing a ceaseless parade of fools in the individual states and in D.C.

The public doesn't see that the hammer must fall on them, soon, and it will not be pretty. They believe handouts can last forever, and have no idea how quickly politicians will sell U.S. citizens down the river to make their corrupt pals in other countries happy.

John said...

Strike. Don't file tax.
People won't do it, but that is the swiftest, surest way to begin. It 30% or more did it, no way they could deal with that.
But everyone will continue to cooperate and be grateful the little crumbs the get back and for their grants and contracts. It's a monster whose prey feeds it thinking they benefit.

John said...

Johnny Sutton is a whore of the lowest order. What a scumbag.