Friday, December 28, 2007

Getting ready to go... today's gig. It's only just past 8:25 and D. won't be here until roughly 10:00, but I want to clean the bathroom today, and I always do that in concert with taking a shower. Whoever designed the shower here didn't care about cleaning it....

Given the weather here, I was actually looking forward to getting where we're going. It's in the desert, and my thoughts were drifting toward lip balm, sunscreen and wearing a t-shirt outdoors for the first time in a couple of months. Maybe even shorts; they wouldn't have shown in the photos.

But then I checked weather reports and found it will be no warmer there, amid the cacti and sand dunes, than here. In fact, the nights are colder out there. Silly me.

Weather has no part of my being glad I'm not in Iowa or New Hampshire. You can put on heavy coats and thermal undies when it's freezing, but they offer no protection against politicians. As the days dwindle ahead of the Big Votes, all of the hack would-be presidents, without exception, sound increasingly stupid and untrustworthy. Right down to Ron Paul -- whose weirdness moved him from my "maybe" list to the "fuggeddaboutit" column -- who has now revealed that he thinks of evolution as a "theory", something I have never before heard from an MD.

Comes to it, I can't get up any interest in any of the candidates from either party. Except, possibly, for a couple whose candidacies have already been written of by the "experts."

Am I stupid, or are the elites of politics as venal and self-serving as they seem to be?

Oh, well. I'll vote for someone when the time comes. Reluctantly, I'm sure.

But right now, I need to go clean the bathroom.

That's productive.


lubie said...

Have fun cleaning the shower. Sing a song while you do it! Have a great day Mr. S~

becomingkate said...

I hate cleaning the bathroom! I'm okay with the counters and the mirrors but Bill does the tub and toilet.

Anonymous said...

voting ennui....
you are venturing into my territory!