Sunday, December 30, 2007

Almost made it...

...but the upcoming "celebration" tomorrow night has now officially turned to dust.

As so often happens, it was a song that stopped me in my tracks and made me want to simply vanish until at least January 2nd, if not longer.

Why is it that music, which I love, has such power to lay me low?

Below, the lyrics to "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?"

PARENTHETICAL MAYBE-I'M-JUST-FUSSY THOUGHT: When searching for the exact lyrics, which I've half-known for many years, I ran across sites such as "Lyrics by Barbra Streisand," "Lyrics by Diana Krall" and several others with roughly the same titles. None of them wrote the lyrics; they just freekin' sang 'em! This song is one of many great tunes written by Frank Loesser, who has received far less credit over the years than he deserves.


Maybe it’s much too early in the game
Ah, but I thought I’d ask you just the same
What are you doing New Year’s
New Year’s Eve?

Wonder whose arms will hold you good and tight
When it’s exactly twelve o’clock that night
Welcoming in the New Year
New Year’s Eve

Maybe I’m crazy to suppose
I’d ever be the one you chose
Out of a thousand invitations
You’d receive

Ah, but in case I stand one little chance
Here comes the jackpot question in advance
What are you doing New Year’s
New Year’s Eve?

Wonder whose arms will hold you good and tight
When it’s exactly twelve o’clock that night
Welcoming in the New Year
New Year’s Eve

What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

Naturally, the majority of those who sing this are female. And imagining that any of them would be lacking for the attention they seem to crave is beyond me. If Diana Krall wasn't locked in with Declan MacManus, do you really think there wouldn't be 5000 dudes ready and willing to make her New Year's Eve happy?

Hell, I would. But I doubt that a New Year's feast at Louie's #2 Chinese carryout (or at Nam's Red Door, the local Vietnamese place) is what she's looking for.

That's why I identify better with some songs from Frank Sinatra. I can easily picture him knocking back a few at a bar. Ava Gardner really messed him over.

To the best of my recollection (and I recall pretty well), I have never been to a New Year's Eve party. In good years, I celebrated with someone warm and cuddly. That hasn't happened all that often.

In the worst years, I got myself plowed under and fell asleep with the TV on.

This year, no TV.

Would I rather spend the evening with someone warm and cuddly -- and, more important to me these days -- trustworthy? You can count on it. I miss the presence of a soft voice, soft hands and a tender heart more than I can express.

So I'm sitting here, mournfully ruing the simple fact that while I would love nothing more than to spend New Year's Eve with someone loving, sweet and talented, would love nothing more than to make her evening perfect, it ain't gonna happen..

The very, very few women I know (we're talking single digits here) who might fit that bill simply aren't interested. And I am not into begging.

Perhaps you have all -- or at least a major part -- of that scene waiting for you tomorrow night. I hope so. I really do. But if you do, chances are you'll think I'm making too much of a fuss about it.

Frank would understand.


DAL said...

I have no immediate plans, but the city has a New Year's bash in the market square. Tyler wants to go, so I might do that.

sugarcane said...

This year, like 99% of years past, will be spent watching the neighbors and their friends get drunk then driving home anyone who needs it.

A few years ago, I drove a friend home, then she called me three minutes later to ask me if there was any reason her wrists would be bleeding and that she thinks she has stigmata. I had to remind her that she tried to jump a fence and that's why her wrists were bleeding.


MrScribbler said...

Sugar -- Your story reminds me of a great Redd Foxx bit. But it's dirty, and might offend.

Unfortunately, it wouldn't offend certain people I'd love to piss off, so I ain't tellin' it.

Birdie said...

I never celebrated until I came to Germany, and here it's done pretty big. For years it was a family affair, until I had a social life.

But I don't have one now, so the past years I've spent the New Years standing at my window, watching the (legal) fireworks all over the place, and toasting to myself.... and my invisible friends.

And my certain someone? As you know, he's not availble... so, even if you have someone, the New Years can still suck big time!

I don't even feel like doing a JS party this year... :-(

Anonymous said...

When I was but a lad, my Daddy would painstakingly tune in Big Ben striking the New Year at seven PM in NY.

It became a 'tradition' for me and for many years I had a short wave radio of my own that I used. First a huge Zenith 14 band "trans-oceanic" and later a much smaller but hi-tech SONY, picked up as a totally impulse buy at an airport in Hong Kong.

Last couple of years, the old internet has supplanted the zenith and sony, and if I don't forget about the time zone change, I will hear the sonorous tones of BB over my 'puter speakers and try to ignore the fact that the Beeb had the time about three minutes off one year.

And we may go watch some fireworks down by casino row as well.



MrScribbler said...

Fin -- my folks had one of those big Zeniths. I loved to cruise the shortwave bands.

That was better than messing with computers! But if I had it today, I'd probably be disappointed. I hear many countries have cut back on shortwave broadcasts, or have eliminated them entirely.

Anonymous said...

It saddens me to know you feel like this...alone. I wish you a better year ahead, never know what life holds for you...chin up. I even if you have to force at 12, cause I will think of you. Ladylove

Justfly said...

Wishing you a Happy New Year...