Sunday, December 09, 2007



This is supposedly the 100th anniversary of the founding of Where The Ghetto Meets The Sea. There is some kind of jollity going on downtown, complete with fireworks.

Ask me if I care.

This was an awful day. I can't even bring myself to write about all the crap that flowed across my path today.

Instead, I think I'll go to bed and hope tomorrow is better. I'd settle for a little better, which seems too much to ask. At least I will be warm in bed -- though alone, as always -- and may not care that my apartment's heater has chosen to fail and, for reasons best left un-described, will not be fixed unless I can manage to do it myself.

PARENTHETICAL WHO-GIVES-A-DAMN NOTE: The New York Times, a paper only slightly less scurrilous than Hitler's Der Steurmer, has just reported that the New York Philharmonic Orchestra is going to play in North Korea next year. They love that. I think it stinks. I have no desire to see cultural exchanges with people who want to destroy us. I guess it's a New York thing to dig sucking up to enemies.

Can you tell I'm in a bad mood? If not, let me assure you that I am.

And this is all you're getting from me today. Can't hide the discomfort and pain much longer, Jim.

I've been paddling upstream in the sewer too long, and I think I'm reaching the limits of my endurance.

That's the way it goes, I guess.

It'll make one anonymous reader happy, I'm sure.


emd said...

I just heard all that commotion, and wondered what was up. 100th anniversary, huh? Scared my cat, and he hasn't come out from hiding yet.

Hope tomorrow gets better for you, scrib!

Natalia the Russian Spy said...

...tell the New York Phil to get their collective backsides down under...!

Kim said...

Yeah, sometimes life can just be a bit too much, can't it? Totally empathise with the "no copes" feeling Scrib.

Anonymous said...

I hope tomorrow's better. I guess it's Tis the season...sigh.


lowandslow said...

For there to be a cultural exchange don't they have to send something our way? Let's not let 'em in. Oops, I forgot...they can fly into Mexico City and just walk across.

Sounds like you need another road trip to the east coast. Maybe a stop in Texas on the way. :)


John said...

People can't turn down a gig no matter the actual consequence to others. They'll play for the most brutal of kings and dictators. They'd deny, if you asked them, that they'd play for Hitler were he around, yet they will play for a guy whose murdering antics are even more extreme.
It would be cool if they packed something else in the violin cases and took out the N Korean brass when the conductor gave the signal.

John said...

oops. Something got lost. I mean they'd deny that they'd play for Adolf were in the hood still.