Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I dislike being obvious...

...which is why I haven't written today.

Hell, you all know what happened here. Nothing. I woke up feeling absolutely knackered and, despite spending most of the day in bed, I'm no better now.

I did get a call from my friend R., whose apartment was filled with holiday revelers. We talked for a while, his father and I talked -- G. is much closer to me in terms of age and, shall we say, negative life experiences -- and, for a while, I actually was in the company of friends, though they were almost 2000 miles away.

Not a real barn-burner of a day.

But then, I had no expectations. I've weaned myself almost totally from any thoughts of miracles, on 34th Street or anywhere else.

I know many people had a wonderful, loving Christmas. I hope all of you were among them.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you didn't have a better day Scribbs. My Christmas was only so-so. However, I feel blessed to have my health and my family.


joan said...

Quiet here this year but I am sorry to hear you are sick. Health is the big gift and I hope you wake up feeling better.

Birdie said...

you know my thoughts were with you! I hope and pray that 2008 will bring you lots of joy and happiness... you deserve it!

lowandslow said...

Christmas is so anti-climactic. Weeks and weeks of build-up, then poof, it's over. Oh well, back to the real world, which includes work, bills, and even colds. *sigh*

Hope you feel better soon, friend.