Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I'm looking out for you...

...and if you don't believe it, I've written two long, involved entries this evening that I scrapped before they made it to this page.

If that isn't consideration, I don't know what is.

I almost told you dark details about me. And a couple other people, for that matter. After reading about them, you might have concluded that I'm really a good guy, one who has made the sole mistake of believing in others.

But that's from my perspective, and experience -- which might also be called reality -- doesn't necessarily support that.

After all, in our society, it's the majority that rules. And the majority includes a few women, employers and others who have ripped me off.

And I was too damn weak to press my case.

If you think you know who -- or what -- I'm referring to, you may be right. Or wrong.

I don't much care. I know where I am, and what I can expect. That is reality, and it's not going to change no matter what I write.

Maybe tomorrow will be different.



Anonymous said...

I hope tomorrow is different Scribbs.


DeleteMe said...

Knock it the heck off and post your stuff.

You know that I want to see it.

(I know, it's all about me)


emd said...

Maybe it would be cathartic if you posted it? (Just a thought...)

lowandslow said...

Truth be told, Scribbs, we could all probably write something similar. I know I could. We've all been shafted at one time or another. Post it if you think it might make you feel better to get it out, or not. Hope today is better for you.


MrScribbler said...

SWG, emd, l&s -- It's sufficiently therapeutic to write it in a blaze of frustration and anger. Deleting is simply common sense.

Sunny said...

I was feeling like this in Jan 2006. I wrote that story/poem about it.

It was one of the winners in your contest. Thanks to you (for having the contest)

and that I wrote this in a way that helped, and still helps me to cope from the tragedy of that guy dumping me.

I sincerely hope you have better tomorrows. Sunny

becomingkate said...

I've had a LOT OF SUCKY holiday seasons, Scribs. Please start saving now so you can come have Christmas with us next year. I cook a mean turkey!

MrScribbler said...

Kate-- do mean turkeys taste better than happy turkeys?

Dumb question. They're all pretty mean when they get the chop, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Hi, MrS. I had a totally miserable Christmas also. We should have been together, we might could have cheered each other up. :) You would love Paul, he's a laugh a minute, lol. Let's make a vow that next year will be better. :)

becomingkate said...

Well, the mean ones taste a little better than the nice ones, lol.