Friday, December 07, 2007

Bless my ISP...

...which has been running a message on my "home page" the past few days:

"If you are having issues connecting to the Internet, we have recently resolved a network outage. Please do not press the reset button on your modem or router; however, if you are unable to connect, it will be necessary to unplug your modem or router for 10 seconds and then plug the power back in. Then restart your PC to restore your internet service."

If you are unable to connect?

If I was unable to connect, how the hell could I read your helpful hints, yo?

I'd have to call India, and listen to "Josh" or "Susan" tell me to unplug my modem for 15 seconds, which would of course solve everything. That's what page 17 of their "Help Manual" tells them to say.

It's like having braille on a drive-up ATM.

I actually pay these people for crap service. I dunno....


Anonymous said...

I think this makes sense..if you can't connect how can you see it, lol.
What I want to know is what's changed about your comments? Am I losing it or something? I can't leave one except anonymously so this is Betty, lol. :)

John said...

I called for assistance once because I couldn't connect and they asked me to download something from the main page. Maybe it's a trick to see who is making up stories, or doesn't understand the definition of "can not connect". At least they don't actually put the info in braille on the main page. That is next. When they find out they missed a chance for added absurdity, they'll jump right on it.

sugarcane said...

The last time I talked to "Larry" in India, he actually called me fat! He thought he was using my first name.... lol.

DAL said...

I once saw a photo of a billboard that said:

Illiterate? We can help!