Sunday, December 30, 2007

Today & tomorrow...

...will close out 2007, and I'm happy about that, you can bet.

But I also know that at least the first few days of 2008 will be as bad, or possibly worse, than their predecessors. Nothing I can do about that, and pasting a smile on my face, making happy to everyone I see and generally doing the Mr Positive bit will have no effect on circling vultures; at the same time, people who have shown an aptitude for screwing around with me -- and will continue to do so, using the "holidays" as an excuse, I'm sure -- will make me sweat out more days of non-payment.

At least I made it to bed, and slept through the night, without mishap. I credit ginger ale for that.

Assuming continued quiescence from the stomach, I'll work today. Tomorrow, too. Artists are supposed to suffer for their "art," you know.

Not that I'm an artist, by any means. I consider writing a craft, not an art. Same goes for photography as well, though at least one friend disagrees with me on that, I think.

Must go wash dishes now.


Anonymous said...

it's too bad they're like that. maybe you ouughta write a story about your profession and how "slow" the payments are. "give it" to somebody and let the others read about themselves:)


DAL said...

I'm glad that you are past the mishap stage.

One can craft a new photo from another, but one must be an artist to do it. It's in the eyes, Scribbs, same as a painter paints what he or she sees. I have no problem calling some of my photos art, while agreeing that some are merely snapshots.

Writing is a craft, but it takes a wordsmith, an artist if you will, to really paint pictures with words. You can do that. Anybody can craft an obit.

MrScribbler said...

dal -- To me, there's a fine line between art and craft. I'm not even sure where it is, but I sense that it's there.

The term "art" is over-used. Many great photos have come not from art, but from being there at the the right moment. It was the skill -- craft -- of the photog that made him or her snap the shutter at the perfect moment.

That's no knock on your photos, or mine, or anyone else's. I simply prefer to reserve the word art for a select few images -- and combinations of words -- that move me.

DAL said...

Fair enough :-)