Tuesday, January 01, 2008

For many of you...

...it's already 2008. and I wish you all the health, happiness and fulfillment a New Year can provide.

I'd have to wait another 1:25 for New Year, and I ain't gonna do it.

I already have old problems and new challenges awaiting me. As far as I'm concerned, those things will just have to wait until January is well and truly under way. At least until the second of the month....

It's windy here, and surprisingly warm. I would be warmer if I wasn't alone tonight. But that's my fate for this evening, and I'll have to deal with it.

Have a Happy New Year. I may see it that way tomorrow. Right now, I don't.

But that doesn't make my wishes for all of you any less sincere.


Anonymous said...

Goodnight, MrS. Thanks for the wishes and I wish the same for you. Happy New Year. ((hugs))


emd said...

Happy New Year, Scrib!

susananne said...

I want to wish you a Happy New Year Mr Scribs. I pray that it brings you your hearts desires...never give up on them ok?

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