Thursday, January 10, 2008

Nice Tatas!

Yes, Tata Motors unveiled the Nano, its new $2500 car in New Delhi yesterday. That's Mr Tata his own self introducing it..

Imagine that: a new car that sells for $2500. Of course it has neither radio (extra cost if you want one) or air conditioning, no airbags, none of the features we expect here in the sophisticated Western World. Although it is claimed that the Nano meets European safety and emissions rules -- I'm dubious -- and, of course, whatever regulations India lays on it, it is, to say the least, minimum transport for four mildly desperate people.

But hey, it's $2500.

The car I'm driving at the moment retails for a hefty $19,088, and it seems bare in the extreme. It has a radio/CD unit, air con and all required safety features, but it is, in a word, dreary.

I have no doubt, based on descriptions and photos, that the Nano will seem beyond awful to anyone who has ever been in a car before. And, having seen and sat in a few previous Tata offerings, I hold no hope that the quality is up to, say, Toyota levels. It'll be at least as good as a Maruti or Hindustan, I suppose.

But hey, it's $2500. In India, anyway.

What really bugs me is that Tata is the company favored to take over ownership of Jaguar and Land Rover. The mind boggles.

Why am I babbling about this? Because this has been a flat-line sort of day so far, and this is the most interesting thing I've dealt with.

Not a bad day. Last night's article is now done, awaiting a once-over sometime this evening before heading to the editor. I'm ready to start the next one tomorrow, and more-or-less ordered D. to be ready to take photos tomorrow afternoon. Got yet another assignment, too; I think the magazine must have lost one of its other scribes...fine with me, as I'm better than any of them, even if sometimes more of a pain in the posterior.

PARENTHETICAL BET-YOU-COULDN'T-GUESS NOTE: I can be grouchy as hell, and very argumentative when defending my work against hapless editing. Yes, I, the human pussycat, can be a jerk....

Got a call from my buddy R today. He called from Milwaukee airport, where he was waiting for a flight to Massachusetts. He's doing two concerts there this weekend. Always fun to talk to him, and remind him that my stock of Mexican Coca-Colas (his favorite cola, though unobtainable where he lives) has been increased by one case.

R. is simply a great friend.

Against all the above, I once again received no checks.

And I would be happier with company....

So, overall, it hasn't been the worst of days.

Despite that generally positive outcome, it's still not good enough, you know.


Natalia the Russian Spy said...

Hey Scribbler! I'm with you mate. I prefer Elvis' approach to transport...cadilliacs built like tanks!

maryjane said...

What an ugly little car. But I applaud their attempt. But if you're going to buy Jaguar/Land Rover - you can afford to throw in even one of those shitty little radios. No?
Or perhaps that's why they can afford to buy Jaguar/Land Rover...

Btw - flat day is better than bad day - that's what I always say.

MrScribbler said...

Nat -- I'll bet every Elvis impersonator in India would rather have a huge-O Caddy too!

MJ -- You suppose everyone in India has one of those other Nanos and doesn't need a radio?

Yeah, flat days are bearable...but I've been waiting too long for some sweet, swingin' days. It's time!

DAL said...

My supervisor insists on listening to Bob and Tom in the morning on our office radio. Those buffoons beat on "ta tas" for a good ten minutes, talking about a Jag with ta tas, etc. like a couple of horny teen aged boys.

God, I hate that show.

Rant over. Carry on.

MrScribbler said...

dal -- Imagine if they'd called the car "Tata Nay-Nay!"

Anonymous said...

That's a goofy looking car. I can't believe there is a company called TATA motors! That just cracks me up!


Anonymous said...

Now that's provocative!

emd said...

That makes me miss my Yugo.

joan said...

The Tata family is one of the wealthiest in India. It's an old name. We used to call all the trucks Tata trucks. Can't wait to see how these get jazzed up with stick on jewels and paintings.

As he says, it beats putting a whole family on a scooter like they do there but wow, air conditioning sure would be a nice option.

Have a good weekend MrS.